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Creative Computers has been founded by Omar Soliman and been successfully running in Noble Park for the last ten years. Our aim is to provide excellent service at reasonable prices. We specialize in software and hardware repairs of all notebooks, PCs and all consoles. All repairs can be done at our store or we can attend your home or office at your convenience. We offer a unique *Free quote policy for *Notebook and  PC  repairs when you bring them to us. So why not call or come see us next time you need you notebook or PC or repaired and we will get your home or business computer up and running in no time at all because our technical team are the best in the business.
* Free quotes does not apply to Notebook hardware maintenance.


Recent Articles

  • Personal Computers: From Origin to Modernity

    The computers we build & the websites we design for our highly valued clients all contain both functionality & performance to get the job done. No matter what the functionality needed, no matter how much performance the site needs to draw, we will always be there to meet those requirements and better them. We can design simple & small personal websites, or we can design large corporate websites for the larger business. The computers we build can be for gaming, workstations, server & a lot more which along with the website design, will always be tailored to fit your budget needs & also to fit your business.

  • Usefull Information about your computer you need to know

    We can repair all types of faults with computer systems. If your computer seems to be going more slowly that you are used to or even getting a little older we can breathe new life into it by increasing the size of your hard disk or even increasing the RAM (Random Access Memory) inside your computer. A hard drive is used for storing your photos, videos, documents where as RAM is used for running programs. The more RAM you have the faster your computer will go and perform.
  • Our Company Philosophy

    Our corporate philosophy centers on you, the customer. We have found that once a customer finds a computer company they trust, they remain with that company. We realize this and strive to put our customer's needs above all. As big as we’ve grown, we’re still a family-run business. Friendly, personalized service is what sets us apart.







  • All our engineers are industry CERTIFIED and have at least 10 years of field experience in computing and Information Technology. We provide computer services for small-to-medium businesses, home users and private individuals;  Other services include computer repair, PC repairs, computer maintenance, laptop repairs hardware/software, computer services computer support, computer repairs, PC Maintenance, PC support, computer support. Did we mention that we also do Consoles Repairs?? All Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox Products. We also offers computer engineer  call-out, PC engineer callout, home computer repair, data recovery, hard drive recovery, We also provide network maintenance, IT support and onsite computer repairs for small businesses in the Greater Melbourne area.






Why Choose Creative Computers?


  • *Free Call Out - And Overnight Computer Repair Centre
  • *Same Day Mobile Computer Call-Out (2hr Response Time)
  • Creative Computers: Call Centres - Chat To Omar
  • Low Hourly Rate & Cheap Computer Repairs & Upgrades
  • Home User & Small Office / Business Computer Services
  • Member Of The Microsoft Partner Program
  • 10yrs In The Melbourne Computer Repair Trade
  • Family Friendly: Call Creative Computers now..
  • CHAT LIVE Now or Email Us: info@creative-computers.com.au



Remote Helpdesk Support


Nationwide Remote Support available to Homes and Business in Victoria with a broadband connection. A perfect solution for machines that have a Virus, Spyware, trojan or Malware infection and need it removed in a hurry. A truly rapid response service available Monday - Saturday (9:30am - 6pm) - Free assessment before work is carried out. also suitable for general performance issues, email problems, windows issues.



Rapid Response Onsite Service


Currently available in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Eengineer support when you just want face to face onsite support and need to work through multiple IT issues.



We also Tweak, Modify & Custom Upgrade PCs


We’re in the business of selling, modifying and repairing computers – both PC’s and laptops, and that includes: Modifying PCs to make them game-ready, Internet-ready or Studio-ready

  • Upgrading PCs and laptops to make them better able to cope with newer Windows operating systems and programs



Creative Computers Price Lists


Below you can find available for download our Systems price list. Although we build to specification, we also create some standard systems for the customer not requiring build to spec.
These price lists are updated constantly, so please contact us for the most up to date version.

Systems/Parts Price list - [PDF Format] or [JPEG Format]









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