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Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Motherboard Repair

If you have a laptop computer and you feel that it is about to die, you should immediately contact Creative Computers. You can save yourself a lot of money by just calling our repair center for a free diagnostic to help you decide about the repair.

We have all the tools and knowledge necessary to quickly diagnose the problem that is causing yfour computer to slow down or freeze. Both mail-in and on-site services are available.

Creative Computers Every Last Byte One Click PC
Apple MacBook logic board repair $344 +* $550+ In-Store Estimate
Asus laptop motherboard repair $289 +* $440+ In-Store Estimate
Dell motherboard repair $289 +* $390+ In-Store Estimate
Toshiba motherboard repair $289 +* $390+ In-Store Estimate

*Price may vary depending on the model, year, and location. Call 0433 136 255 for details.

Signs to Contact Laptop Motherboard Repair Service

A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer, where other circuit boards could be connected to. It provides the link between the other hardware of a laptop system, which makes its role amongst other laptop parts extremely crucial. It also determines the quantity of power the hard drive, graphics card, CPU, and system memory receive from the power supply. Whenever your laptop cannot be switched on, auto-offs, or overheats, it often means that your laptop motherboard needs repair.

Creative Computers can make any laptop motherboard repair. Signs that your laptop may need our help:

  • It does not boot
  • Empty screen
  • Overheating
  • The laptop does not charge
  • Sound or video issues
  • Laptop occurred liquid damaged
  • Programs fail to load
  • Windows randomly freezes
  • Laptop Wi-Fi keeps dropping out
  • Laptop data backup & recovery

If you need a reliable laptop motherboard repair in Noble Park, call us. Creative Computers is the leading laptop repair service provider with over two decades of experience and hundreds of positive reviews on Google and word of mouth. We work with every laptop model, no matter whether it’s Dell, HP, Toshiba, Asus or Mac’s. Our expert staff has years of experience to ensure your laptop is as good as new. Choose the best option for you below to get your motherboard repaired with us.

Brands we repair…

Laptop Repair: Motherboard Replacement and Repair Service

If you have motherboard trouble with your laptop, you should take it to Creative Computers motherboard repair service as soon as possible to fix the issue. We are the most effective and efficient solution for all your laptop repair needs. Our high-tech labs are well equipped to diagnose and fix any problem with your laptop. Contact us to get fast, affordable, secure, and reliable laptop repair.

Motherboard or Component Level Repair

All our engineers are extensively trained in laptop motherboard repairs down to component level. A lot of other service centers state they do component level repairs but what they do not tell you is that there are different levels.

For Example:

  • Level 1 – DC Jack/Fuse Replacement
  • Level 2 – Power IC Replacement (6-12 pin ICs)
  • Level 3 – Controller IC Replacement (200-400 pin ICs)
  • Level 4 – BGA Rework Reflow (Northbridge / Southbridge / Graphics Chips)
  • Level 5 – BGA Re-balling

Unlike other repair centers our engineers are trained to repair down to level 5.

Currently we have three InfraRed BGA Rework/Reflow units to our disposal and equipment to help re-ball BGA Chips.

With cutting edge technology to our disposal, we are much more equipped than our competitors to repair Northbridge and GPU issues which are common on most laptops, more so now that manufacturers are fitting higher end chips with ever higher failure rates.

Laptop Motherboard Common Problems that we solve at our Store

We specialize in the same day repairs and work with all makes and models

No Power

Laptop No Power? Not Power on? Bring your laptop or Mac PC to get fixed Same day!

Motherboard Fix

Genuine and Reliable Source for MacBook Laptop Motherboard Repair Service Provider in Noble Park

Motherboard Upgrade

Very rare cases, we suggest our customers to upgrading the notebook motherboard, Contact us for a free advice on Upgrade.

Power On but No Boot

The LED light Turing on but the laptop still doesn’t boot. Bad Input/Output controller chip Fix.

Screen is Blank

The cause could be a faulty screen, a faulty lcd cable, a battery or a motherboard issue. These issues can be resolved in same day.

Motherboard Repair

Affordable and efficient laptop motherboard repair in Noble Park. We do laptop motherboard repair and replacement, upgrades. Contact us!

Dead Motherboard

Fix any bad capacitor, bad voltage regulator chip, bad BGA chip, integrated circuits, connectors, transistors, zenor diodes, resistors etc.

Liquid Spill Repair

Did you spill liquid such as water, coffee, juice, milk on Laptop or MacBook, if laptop shows blank screen, contact us.

Motherboard Failure

A faulty power supply is a major reason for damaging laptop motherboards, Bring it to us for a quick fix.

Why Choose Us?

Our Technicians have decades of experience in the information Technology Industry. We know cost and fast repairs are important to you. That’s why we offer:

  • Free Quotes to diagnose issue
  • We are on call Monday to Saturday!
  • No Need to send your computer out, we can send technicians to you!
  • No call out fees
  • No fix no fee policy
  • Efficient service without the Jargon!
  • We are Microsoft and Apple Certified
  • 24–48 hour service turn-around time*
  • 4.8 rating on Word of Mouth and Google

*Service time subject to the type of technical issue and may be longer if hardware parts required

Let us take the worry out of your troubleshooting or laptop repair. Our motherboard repair service is fast, affordable, and effective

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