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Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop Hinge Repair

The average consumer opens and shuts the hinges on their laptop over ten times each day. Laptop hinge repair is something that many people forgot to do but it is very important to do if you see that it’s damaged after years of use.

When it comes to laptop hinge repair, Creative Computers is the best local service with competitive pricing. We have been successfully providing laptop repair service since 2003 and have a stellar reputation for quality work at affordable prices. Our techs are ready to take on your next laptop repair job! Both mail-in and on-site services are available.

Price Comparison for Laptop Hinge Repair

Creative Computers Every Last Byte One Click PC
HP hinge repair $150+* n/a n/a
Lenovo hinge repair $150+* n/a n/a
Asus hinge repair $150+* n/a n/a
MSI hinge repair $150+* n/a n/a

*Price may vary depending on the model, year, and location. Call 0433 136 255 for details.

The hinges are critical components of the laptop that provide the flexibility for opening and closing when in use. As a vital hinge component is usually made from metal parts, which proceed to wear down with time and requires the expert hands of Creative Computers technicians to replace them.

Laptop Hinge Repair Service

If you find that you cannot fix your laptop yourself, you can always use the Creative Computers repair service to look at your laptop and tell you the exact issue that needs to be fixed. By using a company that specializes in laptop repair, you will have peace of mind that everything will be taken care of. We will replace the laptop screen or laptop hinges for you at an affordable price.

Hinges are among the most frequently used parts of the laptop computer and it can be a challenge to find one that is in good condition. When it comes to HP, Asus, or Lenovo laptop hinge repair, you have several options. The best option offered by us is to replace hinges without the “glue” repair thing. It more time-consuming but the new hinges will serve you much longer than the repaired ones.
If you are having trouble opening or closing the laptop lid, you may need to take your laptop to the hinge repair service. Most likely the problem has to do with the plastic that runs across the bottom of the Laptop base cover. The plastic may not be strong enough to support the weight of the computer and the hinge may need to be repaired or replaced.

Apple MacBook Hinge

Contact us for Apple MacBook Air / MacBook Pro LCD Panel Hinge repair and replacement service in Noble Park.

Dell Laptop Hinge

Dell laptop hinge is a fragile component that is easily damaged. Because laptops are carried around all day, they are prone to accidental damage.

Dell Laptop Hinge

Professional Repair for any Lenovo IdeaPad, Yoga or ThinkPad Hinges Repair / Replacement Service.

HP Laptop Hinge

Although some HP laptop problems do occur in many cases consumers found out that their HP laptops have cracked hinges.

Acer Notebook Hinges

If the laptop is dropped. High chances that Acer laptop panel / hinges are easily broken or worn out by constant daily.

PC and Laptop Service

We have specialise in fixing all kind of Desktops & Laptops, When we repair your desktop or laptop we will always let you know what happened & how to prevent it from happening again

PC Laptop and Printers Configuring

If You are suffering about how to config or set your office equipment. We can help you! Contact us today, you won’t regret it!

PC Laptop and Printers Configuring

Laptop LCD Screen & Backlight Replacement, Charging Port Repair & Replacement, AC Adapter & Battery Replacement Keyboard etc..

Why Choose Us?

Our Technicians have decades of experience in the information Technology Industry. We know cost and fast repairs are important to you. That’s why we offer:

  • Free Quotes to diagnose issue
  • We are on call Monday to Saturday!
  • No Need to send your computer out, we can send technicians to you!
  • No call out fees
  • No fix no fee policy
  • Efficient service without the Jargon!
  • We are Microsoft and Apple Certified
  • 24–48 hour service turn-around time*
  • 4.8 rating on Word of Mouth and Google

*Service time subject to the type of technical issue and may be longer if hardware parts required

It is important to find a service provider that provides the highest level of service such as Creative Computers. After any type of laptop repair, we will give you advice on how to keep your laptop in great condition. So that you do not have to worry about having to purchase a new laptop if your laptop breaks down or malfunctions during your normal activities.

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