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Wi-Fi & Network Installation

Wi-Fi & Network Installation At Your Home

When set up properly, your home Wi-Fi system will allow you to quickly and securely access the Internet anywhere in your home from multiple devices. When you have your own Wi-Fi at home, you no longer struggle with slow downloading of software and streaming services. There are no messy cables or dropped connections. You can also add your smart appliances and security system to the network for greater use and control.

Call today and one of our highly trained technicians can be dispatched to your home, installing, and setting up a secure Wi-Fi network that runs at optimum speed and capacity.

Our Home Wi-Fi & Network installation and setup includes:

  • Traditional Router Setup or Mesh Router Setup
  • Guest Wi-Fi Setup
  • Connection of Your Wireless Devices
  • Wi-Fi Speed Optimization
  • Network Security
  • Wi-Fi range extender/booster
  • Training

Why Choose Creative Computers for Your Home Wi-Fi Installation & Set-Up?

  • Our technicians use state-of-the-art tools to install your network.
  • We offer a 7-day warranty on our service to ensure you are happy with your system.
  • Creative Computers has a long history of providing quality IT support services to homes and businesses.
  • We have provided customers with extensive knowledge about their Wi-Fi systems for more than a decade, and we can help you get your network running fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in Noble Park looking for someone to help me setup ethernet plugs in house with home hub in garage. We have Telstra velocity our Wi-Fi always drops out. Can you assist?

Yes, we can definitely help you. We need to speak with you to get more background information about the layout and structure of your home and your internet connection. Once we have more information, we will organise a site visit to assess the best location for ethernet sockets and wireless units.

I would like to have cabling run through my house to extend my Wi-Fi, so that it connects with my kitchen and outdoor area. Can you help?

Yes, we can help. We have worked on over 500 homes in Melbourne and been successful in setting up super-fast Wi-Fi in customer’s homes (both inside and outside).

Please call us on 0433 136 255 as we will need to ask you some more questions about your home, Wi-Fi devices, existing network, and Wi-Fi coverage. We can then recommend a solution that works for your family.

I have a granny flat, and we have paid for NBN to be run to it, but I would like some help setting up a second network. Can you set this up for us?

Depending on what networking or Wi-Fi devices you have, we can setup a second Wi-Fi network just for your granny flat. We can also connect your Smart TV, laptops, and any other devices to this network.

My home Wi-Fi signal does not reach my son’s room. I would like to have cable run under my house, so we can get Wi-Fi inside and out. Can you organise this for us?

Yes, we can help. We work with a number of qualified cablers who are able to install ethernet cabling throughout your home. We usually recommend doing a full network and Wi-Fi audit beforehand, as this will tell us exactly where to install the data points and how many Wi-Fi units you will need.

I would like to get two things fixed, we have slow Wi-Fi and fix our existing networking cabling. Are you able to do this for us?

Yes, we can help you both with network cabling and fixing your Wi-Fi. We install commercial Wi-Fi equipment that will use your existing data sockets to give your home perfect Wi-Fi coverage.

How can I check if NBN is available in my area?

You can type your address into the following NBN address checker tool. Click here to check your address.

What are the typical speed plans available on NBN connections?

There are three typical NBN speeds plans. They are 30Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps. We generally recommend going on the 50Mbps or 100Mbps plans depending on the number of devices and family members in your home.

Do I have to move to the NBN?

Yes, at some point you will have to move to the NBN. The old ADSL2+ network and cable internet network will be switched off and discontinued. You will receive a letter from your current internet provider advising of your cut over date.

My NBN connections keeps dropping out, can you advise how to fix this?

NBN dropouts can occur for a number of reasons, this includes problems with the physical connection outside your premises or down the street, issues with the NBN network, a faulty modem, account issues, or Wi-Fi issues. Please contact us, so we can discuss your issues and fix your faulty NBN connection.

Can you extend our WIFI coverage? as our new NBN modem does not cover our home with perfect Wi-Fi

Yes, we can help. We need to perform a full Wi-Fi audit and from that we will be able to make recommendations that suit your property.

Certified Technicians

We have 20 Years of Experience, e-level chip repair and BSc. in Computer Science.

Free Testing & Diagnosis

Call us for free testing and diagnosis. All repairs come with 90 day warranty.

Onsite Service

We do onsite services for residential & commercial locations.

Why Choose Us?

Our Technicians have decades of experience in the information Technology Industry. We know cost and fast repairs are important to you. That’s why we offer:

  • Free Quotes to diagnose issue
  • We are on call Monday to Saturday!
  • No Need to send your computer out, we can send technicians to you!
  • No call out fees
  • No fix no fee policy
  • Efficient service without the Jargon!
  • We are Microsoft and Apple Certified
  • 24–48 hour service turn-around time*
  • 4.8 rating on Word of Mouth and Google

*Service time subject to the type of technical issue and may be longer if hardware parts required