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Computer Hardware Upgrades

Hardware Upgrade

Why spend hundreds – or even thousands – on a brand-new computer, when all you really need is a simple upgrade or two? With our wide variety of computer upgrade services, Creative Computers can help improve the performance of your laptop or desktop computer and extend its working life for years to come.

Top Computer Upgrade Services

Creative Computers is proud to serve our Melbourne South East -area and neighbours with expert technicians and the highest-quality parts. Check out some of our most popular computer upgrades:

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

Computer memory, also called RAM (Random Access Memory), helps your machine start quickly and run smoothly – especially with multiple programs open at once. If your applications are slow to load, or if running several programs makes your computer stall, a memory upgrade might be all you need.
Memory upgrades are useful for everyone, but they are especially important if your computer is used for:

  • Media editing (video, photo, and audio)
  • Games
  • Graphic design
  • Multi-tasking
  • Running 64-bit operating systems
  • Running multiple operating systems at once (through Parallels, VMware, or similar programs)

If you’ve already purchased extra memory, Creative Computers can install it for you. If not, we are proud to offer quality RAM for sale at our Noble Park repair shop Between the pictures, music, movies, and games that we accumulate, sometimes it feels like our computers are bursting at the digital seams! If your computer is starting to give you warnings about “low disk space”, or if it just seems to be running much more slowly than usual, it’s probably time for a storage upgrade. Creative Computers carries a wide selection of conventional platter-based hard drives (HDD), as well as ultra-fast solid-state drives (SSD) – an especially popular upgrade choice. If you would prefer a small-scale change, you might be more interested in an external storage device. No matter what your preference, we will help you find the right hard drive size and style for your specific needs.

Some of the signs that you need to upgrade

If you are experiencing these or any similar problems, then an upgrade may be on the horizon
  • Systems are sluggish and routine tasks take an age
  • Computer start up is very-very slow
  • Applications take forever to open
  • PC’s cannot deal with new applications
  • Memory is nearly full

CPU Upgrades

Enjoy a speedy and efficient computer performance with a better CPU (Central Processing Unit) We can outfit your computer with a new processor to boost its power and abilities.

Video cards Upgrades

Enhance your computer or laptop with a better graphic card. There are many to choose from. A new video card will give you the power you need to game at the highest levels. Or, if you are into graphic design and video editing a more advance video card is a must-have upgrade.

Other Hardware Updates

CD/DVD/BD-ROM drives, media card readers, network cards, sound cards, motherboards, PCIe Wi-Fi card and much more.

Before you run out and make a hefty investment in a whole new machine, let us outfit your computer or laptop with some upgrades to restore its speed, processing power and capabilities.

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