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Upgraded heatsink for GPU - found in later machines and Elite consoles


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XBOX360 Xbox 360 Console Power Board LED Cover Panel Bezel Plastic

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Professional service for Xbox 360 Repairs




We are proud to announce that we have highly qualified

technicians in our staff ready to carry out any repair on

your xbox 360 console. We only use brand new parts for

all repairs unless mentioned (some time we offer

refurbished parts for discounted rate). All our console

repairs come with a warranty for parts and labor.



Discs not reading or Open tray error


This is a common problem with XBOX 360 consoles we repair. This can be caused by laser being out of alignment,

dirty laser, dead laser or dead drive. It costs $40 to realign the laser and service your console and in many cases this

gets the machine working again, but at the worse case we may need to replace the entire drive with a new drive.



3 (Red rings of death), Error 74, Black screen of death..


This is the most commonly found problem with XBOX 360 consoles and it is caused by over heating. Also we would

like to confirm all these errors are the same issue on different models of xbox 360 consoles they appear differently.

We have a extensive documentation done explaining how this happens why and how to prevent it to your best

ability click here to see more.


 HDD error E 84, E 86


You face these errors when you XBOX 360 HDD has been in a shock (as being dropped) or dead of its old age.

Esy diagnostic is to boot the machine up with out the HDD and if it works fine time to buy a new HDD,

unfortunately you data is gone as well so have fun starting the game from the beginning.





XBOX 360 Open tray / Unreadable disc or tray would not open - (stuck tray)


Symptoms: Xbox 360 console turns on and operate as usual  but when you insert a disc it comes up with Open

tray or unreadable disc error or you have the stuck tray issue.


How we fix: Some times to fix the open tray or unreadable disc error all we have to do is reallign the laser and it

cost $45 to do so and worse case if we have to replace the entire drive with a NEW DVD Drive it is $85 supplied

and fitted Same goes with stuck tray issue if we can fix you drive it cost less..


Cost: $45.00 fix your drive $85.00 replace the entire drive with a brand new drive

Warranty: 3 months warranty.





This will result in the DVD drive being replaced which will also

provide you with a new unworn laser.








Xbox 360 will not read games or displays open tray





This fault is caused by the laser in the DVD drive of the 360 wearing out through fair wear and tear. To repair your machine we will replace the laser with an OEM Part meaning that your machine will be back in action 48 hours from drop off.

We charge $55 for the new laser and fitting plus we give you a 90 day warranty.





Machine boots, plays boot up sound but no picture

This is another fault related to overheating that we can repair by replacing the heatsink mounting system and reflowing the graphics chip.

We charge $59 for doing this and the repair comes with a 3 month warranty


Booking a Repair


Booking a repair is simple, as we work from a situated Business Located at Shop 15 Ian Street Noble Park we must stipulate that callers are by appointment only. To book your repair simply call us on (03)9 546 0199 and make arrangements to drop off your machine or select a date that you would like the engineer to visit you.


Other Faults


If you experience any other faults with your XBox360 then please contact us for help.


DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT bring any accessories with your system(s). We do not require any

controllers, hard drivers, power cords, memory cards, video cables, etc...We will not be responsible for

loss or damage to these accessories.


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