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Nintendo DVD Drive Replacement

Has you dvd drive stopped working? perhaps it just needs the laser cleaned. If you are experiencing problems reading disks and games then give us a call. Our engineers can clean or replace your drive laser or even the drive it's self.


Nintendo Wii Controller Mods, Custom Shells, Rapid Fire Buttons, LED's

I Need Technical Support can modify almost anything with your Nintendo Wii controller. We can install a Rapid Fire Button, Neon Lights and even re-situate the internal components into a completely different shape housing. Our Engineers are experts when it comes to Nintendo components and know exactly, not only the safest but the most practical approach to your modification.


Nintendo Wii Softmod

By installing Homebrew on your Nintendo Wii, you open a whole new world of gaming. You can run emulators, install games, run code based program, perform game mods and many more. The process is perfectly safe and can be reversed simply by the user at any time via the Wii system update. For more information on Wii Softmod's contact us using the details below.



Pc Technician

Computer Repair Experts. Services For Home & Office. Metro Melb.


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Professional service for Wii Repairs


If your Nintendo wii has stopped reading discs or the drive mechanism hast stopped working Our engineers' can carry out the repair in our electronic repair centre 20 meters from Train Staition Shop15 Ian Street Noble Park.

Creative Computers are the leading game console repair and replacement service for the Nintendo wii console in the Melbourme metro area.


99% of faults on the Nintendo wii console can be repaired in our high tech repair centre.We are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for all your nintendo wii repair needs. Creative-Computers.com.au are the AUS leading technology repair centre and come highly recommended.




Description of the Fault: Not accepting or Ejecting Discs

Kids love to put all sorts of things into the wii's disc slot, we've found money, pokemon cards, & lolly sticks to name a few. But sometimes the drive can break without obvious reason.



Description of the Repair: Disc Drive Repair

The wii console will be diagnosed and then the drive will be repaired as required. This repair includes all of our standard repair benefits, pre repair diagnosis, after repair quality testing, cleaning e.t.c.





Symptom: Console turns on and display comes up as usual but when you insert a disc it ejects it straight back out

This is often caused by drives cogs being broken and they break when you push the discs in rather than letting the console suck the disc in by it self and depending on how many cogs and spindle are broken it could cost $55 up to $85 to fix this problem.



Wii Not reading disc








Symptom: Console turns on and display comes up as usual but would not play any games

Some time Wii drives need a service and realignment of the laser and it cost $55 to service and realign the laser and some time the laser or entire drive needs to be replaced and then it costs $85.









Nintendo Wii bricked or black screen





















Symptoms: Failed attempt to soft mod your Wii console or updating after being soft moded may result your Wii console being bricked or in other words Wii turns on and lights come up but would not load up the Wii menu

How we fix: Some time we can restore the firmware and reinstall the Wii menu on your mother board but at worse can we have replace your Motherboard with a brand new motherboard..

Cost: $45.00 for repair your motherboard - $85.00 for replace your motherboard with a new one

Warranty: 3 months warranty.



Nintendo Wii spits the discs out




Symptoms: When you insert a Wii disc Wii spits it back out.

How we fix: This is caused by tiny cogs in the Wii drive worn off or broken from rough use some times we can repair by replacing the cogs or replacing the entire Wii drive..

Cost: $55.00 for replacing cogs repair - $110.00 for New drive

Warranty: 3 months warranty.












Nintendo Wii MOD rescue



Symptoms: Many people try to mod their consoles or pay a non qualified tech to do it and fails hopelessly and at this situation we can come to the rescue.

How we fix: If we can repair the Wii drive board to fix it it is cheaper to repair if not we got brand new drive boards for replacement.

Cost: $35.00 for repair your board - $55.00 for New drive board

Warranty: 3 months warranty.









Wii hard Modding Service

-The cost is $85.

  • -Allows you to play Wii game copies from dvd-r discs.
  • -Takes about 40 mins
  • -I will use is the WiiKey Fusion modchip when it comes out
  • -Currently I use the DriveKey.




How Modchip installs work:

I install a modchip in your wii and you just put your copies in and load them as you would a normal game.

Note: Until the Wii Fusion's come in Stock I can't hard mod a d3-2 drive. Also, I'm not stocking modchips until the new one comes out. However if you would like a modchip install I can order it for you and install it.



What you Need to Bring


hardmods: Just your Wii Console, nothing more.
softmods: Your Wii Console, a SD card and USB external harddrive if you wish.


Booking a Repair


Booking a repair is simple, as we work from a situated Business Located at Shop 15 Ian Street Noble Park we must stipulate that callers are by appointment only. To book your repair simply call us on (03)9 546 0199 and make arrangements to drop off your machine or select a date that you would like the engineer to visit you.


Other Faults


If you experience any other faults with your Nintendo Wii then please contact us for help.


DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT bring any accessories with your system(s). We do not require any

controllers, hard drivers, power cords, memory cards, video cables, etc...We will not be responsible for

loss or damage to these accessories.





Our Nintendo Wii Repair service is professional, reliable and most importantly affordable. We can update your system, install homebrew, locate & replace broken parts, custom shell modifications and many more. All of our work is carried out in a specialist workshop designed and equipped to repair any problem your Nintendo Wii has. If you have a problem with your Nintendo Wii give us a call. We can collect your console and deliver it back to you within the 24 hours. (depending on the problem and your location)











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