This document is produced to educate end users to maximize the life of their recently purchased game console. Therefore please take few minutes to read and understand the entire document.


General Maintenance


The machine needs to be locked away in a cabinet from dust and it should never be used on the floor or carpet. When dust gets into the machine it could dramatically reduce the life of the optic.

You should clean the front grill (if a PS2) or the side grills (if a XBOX) using a vacuum cleaner once a fortnight.

Do not clean the fan area at the back of the unit using a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure all the discs you use in the console are dust free and fingerprint free since that could do serious harm to the optic in a very short time. Try to keep your discs scratch free but few minor scratches are not too bad but larger scratches could damage the optic.

If you wish to use backups of your games make sure you use good media to back it up, as Pioneer, Shintaro, Ridata, Ritek and you have to make backups at 1X speed.

Over heating caused by excessive use or not taking proper ventilation measure is not covered by warranty.

All games consoles should not be subjected to any shock as dropping them. Since accidents do happen in that case you should not turn the machine on or try to run a disc because that is when you do most the damage you should contact Creative Computers or your nearest console repair center.


Warranty details


All accessories are covered by 3 month return to base warranty and in case of a manufacture fault or a malfunction due to flaws in workmanship a replacement unit would be issued. Game console is covered under 12Month warranty for manufacture faults and flaws in the workmanship and physical damage, over heating issues would not be covered by this warranty and the Optic is only covered by a 60day warranty since the life span of the Optic entirely depends on the quality of the discs you use. 


Upgrade and the workmanship are covered by none time limited warranty. When a NEOFIX is installed we warranty the lens of the laser from burning out on a non time limited basis (life time warranty). Please note the eye (laser diode) is a product that has a life span and can be worn off very rapidly by using non recommended discs and if the eye wears out it is not covered by any warranty.



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