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  • If you gotta new machine and you dont know how to set it up.

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Our Comprehensive Diagnostic allows us to pinpoint you computers problems and also detect future problems. Please call (03)9546 0199 for your Comprehensive Diagnostic.


We have Built High End Gaming machines at budget prices for people all over Australia. When we say Gaming Machine We mean Gaming. Creative Computers can build High end Gaming rigs With 27inch LCD monitors Come visit us today and save!!


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For all computer problems - Large or small - call a local, friendly computer technician to take a look and help you with your computer related problems. From internet setup, email issues, slow computer performance to hardware & software replacement or advice, We can serve your needs. Call 03546 0199 anytime and I'll arrange a time to suit you. Quick call outs ensure that your 'nightmare' wont last long..


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The latest viruses and spyware analyzed by computer security company Sophos...


Geting More Spam??

Spam is on the Rise.
Up 67% since August.
Read this article about this disturbing trend
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Damage or need Repairs?

From Liquid spills and cracked plastics through to missing keys or faulty screens Creative Computers can assess your system and offer you an estimate for repairs up-front.

For older machines if a repair is looking uneconomical we'll lay out your options clearly so you can make the best decision for you Computer needs. Call us today to arrange a quotation..


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We aim to provide a complete range of computer repairs,upgrades, [More]

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Virus and Spyware Removal











Creative Computers guarantees complete removal of all viruses, spyware, and any other unwanted or malicious programs (malware) from your computer. The relatively new threat of spyware is much more common than a virus infection and often causes computer slow downs and program or Microsoft Windows errors.


Antivirus programs only detect a small percentage of spyware, and while the antispyware programs do their best it's evident that not one security program seems to be able to keep up with the hundreds of newly released spyware each day and sometimes manual removal can be the only option.




Contact Creative Computers today via our Online Contact Us link or call (03)9546 0199 for quick removal of viruses, spyware and other types of malware from your computer.


We can also help you prevent infections by recommending and installing antimalware and security programs to keep you well protected from the above malicious programs.


We can get your computer free of nasties with our guaranteed removal service. If your computer is acting strange/slow, you are having Internet problems, or your PC is displaying adverts then you probably have a spyware or similar infection.


Creative Computers use a combination of scanners and specialised tools to analyse your computers files, programs and their behaviour to remove any spyware or other infections. We can also inspect your hard drive without running from your Windows installation because an existing infection can hide itself from Windows and any other programs including security software.


Removing spyware can be a complex task which can only be learnt through experience. After removing hundreds of infections you can see particular patterns and then learn to recognise similar infections. This is important because knowing from exactly which family your spyware or viral infection is based on can help in it's removal, as the behaviour and files used will also be similar.


Downloading a free antispyware program is a great first step for spyware removal which you could do yourself. Make sure you download a trusted antispyware product such as Spybot or another product that is recommended, but only by someone you trust or on at least another dozen websites!


There are certain review websites out there that will recommend downloading antispyware products that are actually spyware in disguise, or they are set up with the sole purpose to get a commission on any of their recommended products you buy. See below for more information on these fake/rogue antispyware products.


Creative Computers does resell several Antivirus and Internet security products available at discounted prices!

After being constantly asked what the best antivirus software is, we have chosen what in our opinion are the best two antivirus / firewall products made and decided to resell them for easy purchase onsite by our customers.

We have now also enabled purchasing licenses online because we want all users around the world - not just our Victorian customers - to have the best protection possible! We pick the best, not the most profitable, because our happy customers keep coming back!

Getting infected with Spyware


Getting infected with spyware is unfortunately all too easy if you have not secured your system specifically against spyware. Having antivirus and a firewall is not enough because most spyware is not detected by antivirus and will go straight through hardware firewalls.


You can infect your computer with spyware just by visiting a bad or hacked web page. Because Internet Explorer (IE) is the most popular web browser, it is also the most targeted by malicious code writers. Firefox is a great alternative to Internet Explorer and is regarded as a much safer browser to use on Windows and it will prevent most spyware infections, though nothing is completely secure!


Spyware is also commonly bundled secretly with other programs, for example some 'free' screensavers, games,

and email icon programs will also install spyware that track your computer. Creative Computers will check all

your running programs/processes as well as every single program that is installed on your computer. This not

only removes the security and privacy threats. but usually improves Windows overall speed and boot time, and

can also get rid of errors and problems with Internet Explorer and other legitimate programs.


Please make sure you don't download or buy any Windows Anti-Virus 2011 Products that pretend to be antispyware but are actually spyware themselves! If you're already infected with these products, they can display advertisments stating you are infected with some other false or otherwise unrelated virus or spyware - and you must buy their product to get rid of it. If you mistakenly download these Anti-Virus 2011 products, they will usually scan your computer and present you with some false results saying that you're infected and must upgrade to the full and non-free version of the program to remove the spyware.


These products are not real antispyware and when tested with known infected computers, usually don't remove any real infections, but pretend to remove your spyware infection that no other product could remove ...because

it didn't exist in the first place! Your original spyware infection is alive and well, but they will keep you happy for a while after purchase before displaying adverts again, if you're not getting adverts from multiple real infections it failed to remove anyway.


Software (or Personal) firewalls can usually help detect spyware infection but are not foolproof, especially if spyware has hijacked Internet Explorer. Many antivirus and Internet security products have started including spyware protection, but the effectiveness of these can be even worse than their bundled spam filtering products which also leave a lot to be desired!


Spyware is different to a virus because spyware is not meant to harm your computer, though it often does. The reason for spyware is also nearly always financial, and companies are making millions each year by infecting computers worldwide.

Contact Creative Computers today via our Online Booking Form or call
03 9546 0199 for quick removal of viruses, spyware and other types of malware from your computer.Spyware, Viruses and Malware

What is a virus?


A virus is a program that is written as a joke, to cause damage, or to make money, but the main function of a virus is usually simply to spread to other computers. Early viruses were mostly people playing pranks or someone wanting to show off. But because computers will perform whatever action you tell them to do (within their limits of course!), viruses can easily be created to fulfill whatever needs the virus creator has in mind.


Many viruses damage user files or corrupt system files, but sometimes this is just an unintentional side effect of a virus trying to spread, in other cases it is a targeted or random attack made to cause damage. Viruses have grown in number and become much more complex over the years, while our computer antivirus software has also had to develop new methods to detect and remove them.


Viruses developed several important characteristics over the years to improve their spread and survival. They developed stealth techniques to make their detection and removal more difficult by hiding themselves, and can run in the background without the user detecting it. Trojans are injected into otherwise useful files so users are more likely to purposely run the file to use the program, infecting themselves with hidden code at the same time. Rootkits were developed that change the code beneath Windows itself so that programs running on the infected computer (including Windows itself!) cannot even see these hidden files.



Viruses were also easy to detect by antivirus software because they just needed a sample and that fingerprint would be added to the virus definition database. When a file with that pattern was found, it could be flagged and removed. Virus creators then started to give their viral releases real world characteristics of a virus, for example the virus code can now change or mutate each time a new infection occurs.


This code-changing ability called polymorphism makes the virus much harder to detect because now the fingerprint or signature changes each time it spreads. If the virus can change itself enough, it will remain undetected. Antivirus had to fight back and developed better strategies to deal with the advancements in virus technology. With the huge increase seen because of the ease of transfer via the Internet, it will always be a cat-and-mouse game between the malicious coders and our protectors.


The Internet also helped distribution of viruses with thousands of new and unprotected computers connecting each day, along with the millions of others already online. The virus writers started to develop code that would actively seek out other computers and infect them.


The worm turned viruses into living code that once released into the wild can spread very rapidly over the Internet, automatically infecting as many computers possible then using those hosts to infect even more computers. Read on after the spyware section for more on RATs, bots, zombies and other types of viruses, malware and Adware.










Antispyware helps prevent the installation of spyware!

Spybot is a popular antispyware program


What is spyware and adware?


Viruses can cause a lot of damage, but they usually do not make any money for the virus coder unless they were specifically hired to do the job. Virus creators could get fame but not fortune, though the criminals soon discovered that with thousands of new potential victims connecting to the Internet each day, this could be a potential goldmine to make money if they could just find someone to finance them and pay for their work. The Internet has always been plagued by advertising, as it is one of the only true tried and tested revenue sources that actually works.



People are willing to pay quite a lot of money to get clicks on their site and product, so it was inevitable that infections started planting software that was paid by advertisers and marketers - with some they just need to add their affiliate link! Legitimate software makers also saw it as an easy revenue making model by making their software free to the user but bundling spyware to make money instead.


Kazaa was a famous Australian example of a useful program with bundled spyware. It included Cydoor, GAIN/Gator, eUniverse, MyBar, SaveNow, WhenU. Other popular infections removed recently include: 180 Solutions, CoolWebSearch, Dope Wars, ErrorGuard, Grokster, HuntBar, Internet Optimizer, DyFuKa, Morpheus, WeatherBug, eDonkey2000, Smitfraud, WildTangent, WinTools, Zango.


Spyware is malicious software that tracks your computer usage & may display advertising on your computer screen. They can change your Internet Explorer or other web browser startup pages, display annoying popups, or add shortcuts to your Favourites list. They can also add Internet shortcuts to your desktop which are advertising links or direct you to sites with other infections ready to be automatically downloaded.



Malware and Spyware Removal for Canberra Users

Popular fake/Windows AntiVirus 2011 antispyware: ErrorSafe, System Doctor, MagicAntiSpy,
SpyAxe, SpyShredder, Spy Sherrif, UltimateCleaner, WinAntiVirus Pro, WinFixer




This new generation of infection with the pure intention to make money for the code writers and others led to the terms spyware and adware, to differentiate them from the traditional virus. Viruses are still being spread, but spyware is the biggest threat because of the large number of variations being created every day, so far there isn't one product that can cope with it all.


It's also a good idea to run several antispyware programs simultaneously and do not rely on your antivirus product to protect you from spyware. Some antivirus products are starting to include antispyware, but from test results by Creative Computers and from various reviews it seems the job is best left to a dedicated antispyware program to at least have a proper chance of detection and removal.


Spyware programs usually upload logs of every web site that you visit and sell your data to marketing companies, or they can record every keystroke and mouse click that you make which can be a serious security issue if your passwords, credit card, or other personal details are sent over the Internet for use by the hacker.

Adware refers to a particular group of spyware that focuses on displaying advertising on your computer. This is usually easy to spot as the bombardment of unwarranted advertisement pop-ups are a giveaway sign of infection. Unfortunately for families with children, the most common advertising is adult orientated, or the ads will have links to fake antispyware programs that are actually spyware themselves.





Contact Creative Computers today via our Contact Form or call us on - 03 9546 0199 for quick removal of viruses, spyware, Spam,Trojans and other types of malware from your computer.


Spyware is different to a virus because spyware is not meant to harm your computer, though it often does. The reason for spyware is also nearly always financial, and companies are making millions each year by infecting computers worldwide.


Spyware is not designed to hurt your computer because it's in the creator's interest to infect your computer for as long as possible to make the most amount of money. Unfortunately spyware is often poorly coded and because of the many different ways it attempts to get around your security it can cause stability and speed issues for Windows, especially Internet Explorer.






When multiple spyware infections occur on a computer spyware programs can end up competing with each other, each trying to intercept your data first. Each piece of spyware will infect your system in different ways and the results can be unpredictable. A computer with dozens of infections is not uncommon, with most people eventually realising something must be wrong when their computer gets noticeably slower, shows strange behaviour, or starts displaying errors or crashing.


Signs that your PC may be infected


  • Very Slow system performance.

  • Small tasks seem to take forever.

  • Abnormal behaviour such as lock ups or mouse pointer acting strangely.

  • Pop ups and error screens that you cannot remove even when you say quit.

  • Viruses can affect your internet connection and may block you from the internet.



















Here are some computer tips to prevent viruses attacking your computers:


1) Secure your network and each individual machine with proper Anti-virus software
2) Make sure your wireless network is secure
3) Don't open emails from unknown sources
4) Use a well known internet browser like Mozilla Firefox
5) Don't click on advertisiments, error messages or links that appear in pop-ups
6) Keep your computer systems and anti-virus software up to date
7) Don't download software from unknown websites
8) Setup a maintenance program with your IT support


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How do I remove a virus or trojan?  


Call (03)9546 0199 before you do anything else!

Virus writers are sneaky. What they do is nasty and the end result of being caught out by a virus or trojan is never good.

Some viral payloads cause havoc at start up time. Some start causing damage from the moment it gets on your computer.


An early telephone call asking for help will never be a bad option. Getting proven advice early on and implementing our Immediate AV Action Steps will limit the damage and clean up costs.


If your computer is infected a virus, adware or spyware we can fix it. You could try to help yourself

If you know the name of your virus we would first recommend visiting the Symantec website to search for a removal tool. This is a program which when run, will scan your computer for a particular virus and, if found, will attempt to remove it. If a removal tool is not available, removal can be done manually.





Anti Virus or Trojan Removal Process..

Generally speaking an infected computer needs to be isolated first and then checked or 'probed' by another computer in a digitally 'sterile' environment. Also known or refered to as a sandbox.


The aim is to stop the spread, protect as much of your data as possible from further coruption, find the cause and then remove the infection(s) or threats. If needed, we can also help implement protective measures that will help you keep a growing business on top of it's AV management and defence.


Viruses cause pop-ups and slow performance

  • -Crashing & Freezing
  • -Error Messages
  • -Slow performance
  • -Pop-ups


Your personal data could be at risk

Viruses can cause your computer not only to run slowly and crash, but may even put your personal data at risk. Do you purchase items on the Internet? Do you use online banking? How sure are you that your computer is free from infection?


Arrange a Home visit

Creative Computers offers a speedy and friendly home or business visit, where we will assess your computer and fix your PC or laptop on site. You can drop it off to our store and take advantages on our onsite specials.


Virus Removal & Complete Tune-up

Includes everything in Quick Tune-Up above and virus/spyware removal. We install the latest AntiVirus and AntiSpyware programs along with the most up-to-date definition files. Includes a fully complete tune up for a super fast and clean computer. Some third party program support not included.

  • If your Computer won't start, You need us!
  • If your Computer Hard Drive is making weird sounds or clicking, You need us!
  • If your Computer is running slow, You need us!
  • If your Computer has a ton of pop ups and or spyware, You need us!
  • If your Computer can't connect to your network, You need us!
  • If your Computer can't get on the internet, You need us!
  • If you have a Macintosh Computer that is not working, You need us!


A strong defense is your best offense from incoming viruses. We can install and configure the security software needed to guard and protect your computer, as well as your personal data.

If your PC is experiencing slow performance, annoying popups, or startup issues, it is most likely compromised by infected processes. We can remove the viruses, malware, rootkits, spyware, or adware, and clean up your system functionality. Then, secure it from further harm.


Whatever the problem, our Creative Computers Consultants are here to help. Computers \ Laptop Repair is our business...

Call Creative Computer on 9546 0199 for a free estimate today!



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