Repairs & Upgrades

We aim to provide a complete range of computer repairs,upgrades, [More]




Hurricane Job

This is the ultimate tune up for your computer! If your Computer is running slowly, or has a virus that you just can't shift, we will take it through our 39 point checklist and get it running like it did when it was new.



PC Health Check

Our PC Health Check service is a complete MOT for your PC, we will run a diagnosis on your hardware, check for malware infections, clean your systems registry and install the latest updates...


Creative Computers specialise in providing a personal, high quality & value service to businesses. We have various support packages available tailored to your specific needs, with the same support technician guaranteed every time. Using us for your IT Support is like having your own personal IT support department ready to help at any time, at a fraction of the cost.


Here at Crreative Computers, we have a dream. A dream to provide website design meeting affordable pricing. A dream of market leading expertise meeting

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We Are Experts In Computer/Laptop Repairs

  • 14 Years Experience
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Accredited Company
  • Lower than All manufacturers
  • 24 Hour Repair Turnaround
  • FREE Return Shipping!



Contact Information

Tel: 9546 0199 
Cel: 0433 136 255 (SMS Only)
Fax: 9546 0177

General Enquiry:
Sales Team:
Technical Support:

Contact Address: Shop 15, Ian Street Noble Park, 3174 Melbourne Victoria, Australia.


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Creative Computers provides a wide range of onsite computer repair services at a price and level of service which can not be matched by other on-site companies. With an emphasis on hassle free and jargon free on-site support for home users and small businesses, We offer unique Free Quotes when you bring your *Notebook/PC to us and offer a range of services that are too many to mention. Some of our services include:

  • Services at a glance..

  • See our full list of services for homes and small businesses


  • PC & Laptop Repair
    Wired Networks
    Wireless Networks
    Virus Removal
    Setup & Installation
    Tuition & Training


Spyware, Trojan & Virus Removal

Is your computer running slower than it used to?? Perhaps you have unwanted pop-ups appearing on your screen? Chances are you may have picked up one of the thousands of types of virus or malware programs online, which are easy to accidently download even with the best protection available..... Click for more


Improving Computer Speed

With so many fantastic programs and features available on your computer today, it's very easy for it to get weighed down with general clutter over time. Click for more


Home Networks & Wireless Setup

Do you have one internet connection and more than one computer? Perhaps you have a laptop & want to work out the best way to share files with your other computer? Maybe you just want something as simple as being able to surf the web from the comfort of your bed - without all the annoying cables! Click for more


Internet & Email Issues

Are you having problems with your internet, but just can't understand where you are going wrong? We know that not everyone knows the difference between a router and a modem, and that's what we're here for! Why go another day without being able to check your Facebook or download your emails? Click for more


All Crashed Computer Issues

Has your computer crashed? Perhaps it's just beeping at your or giving you some strange error message that you need a computing degree to understand? We know how scary it can be when you're computer breaks down which is why we aim to have same day service to get out to help you asap. Click for more


Hardware Repairs & Upgrades

Are you getting a message saying "No Signal"? Perhaps your computer sounds like its turning on, but it's not getting any where? Chances are you have a hardware problem, where a part has broken inside your machine Click for more


PC/Laptop Cleaning Service

Computers need a constant care to run smooth. dust & heat is your computers worst enemy & can kill components inside. Chesterfield PC Support Can come & clean all dust & debris from inside your computer case, fans & drives and make sure all components connections are dust free

Click for more


Broadband & ADSL Installations

Have you signed up for broadband only to have a parcel arrive on your doorstep and not know where to go from there? There's no need to be embarrassed any longer! Click for more

Laptop Keyboard Repair                            

Are you facing problems with your laptop keyboard? Is it stuck or won’t function? The laptop keyboard is one among the most common malfunctioning items of a laptop.We can repair or replace your laptop keyboard for all model makes of laptop, notebook and netbook.Laptop Keyboard   Price of the new keyboard is not included in this price.  This is just the cost for the service.

Windows Operating System Install

Creative Computers Technician will install any version of Windows that you have purchased. Install all critical updates, all drivers & configure software make sure Operating system is running Smooth

Data Backup, Virus Scan, Install Windows

Creative Computers Technician Can come to your home or office, Back up your data of the computer, scan that data to remove any viruses or Malware, format, install Win 8, Win 7, Vista or XP you have purchased,  put all of your data back on your new Windows, install all critical updates, device drivers and configure your software to and make sure your new Windows is running Smooth.




  • We don’t just sell computers. We create solutions!

  • It may sound simple, but it sets us apart from all the others. For more than 10 years, Creative Computers has been an industry trendsetter. By offering gently-used home computers at reasonable prices, Creative Computers has set the standard for the refurbished market. Leading the way into the new millennium, we integrated custom built computers and state of the art repair services to become your one-stop-shop for all of your computer needs.


Business Solutions


At Creative Computers, we have solutions for small and medium businesses, too. We’ll take the time to learn about your business and help you determine what works best for your particular situation. By performing a complete needs analysis, Creative Computers can respond with the right products and services to ensure optimum performance of your business machines. And with complete IT support, help is just a phone call away.



Exceeding Your Expectations


Add to that an experienced team of sales associates and technicians, and it’s plain to see why Creative Computers has become the trusted IT professionals of choice from coast to coast. With A+ certified technicians and an expert staff ready to answer any question you have, Creative Computers becomes the clear choice for all of your computer needs.




Our Promise To You


These are our six principles to which every individual within the Creative Computers system adheres. This is our pledge to exceed your expectations.



  • We will strive to earn a personal relationship with every customer.
  • We will understand each customer's needs before we make recommendations.
  • We will offer solutions based upon the customer's specific needs and desires.
  • We will be the customer's advocate, not a manufacturer's agent.
  • We will deliver to the customer unrivaled service and support before, during and after the sale.
  • We will let our customers know that we enjoy what we do




Did you know...


...turning off your computer at night is a good thing.
If you're not using your computer for a long period of time (for example, at night), it is a good idea to shut it down. This helps minimize internal dust accumulation and also saves electricity.


...your monthly routine maintenance minimizes professional care.
If you simply perform a weekly or monthly tune-up by doing a disk cleanup, virus and spyware scan, and defragmentation, you significantly reduce the chance of having more serious problems with your computer.


...where the term "computer bug" originated?
The term "computer bug" was first used in 1945 when a real bug (a moth) short-circuited an early computer used at Harvard University. The technicians of the computer said they had "debugged" the computer. Since this time, the term "bug" has remained the term used for computer software related flaws, mistakes, failures, and issues.






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