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Service Agreement & Terms of Service

  • Please do not expect a magical fix over the phone or correspondence through e-mail. Creative Computers may be able to identify common issues in this way, and suggest what procedures will correct your computer issues. However, the only way for Creative Computers to fix a computer is to see the "patient."


  • The Customer is responsible for backing up data! By contacting Creative Computers, you agree that Creative Computers cannot and will not be held liable for any form of data loss, productivity loss, hardware loss; actual or perceived. All known precautions will be taken while working with your computer; however, due to pre-existing hardware failures, viruses, or broken system files, Creative Computers recommends using a regularly scheduled backup plan.


  • In-Home Service - Creative Computers does offer a limited in-home service option. There are some services such as computer hook-ups, software installations, memory installation, and hard drive installations that may be performed on site. However, many services will be requested to be performed in-shop. Creative Computers simply cannot wait 6 hours at your house while multiple virus scanners complete. Creative Computers is a small shop with many customers; please remember that Creative Computers would like to provide first-class services to everyone.


  • FREE Diagnostics - Creative Computers offers a FREE diagnostic. Your computer will be tested to find out what the specific problem is. You will receive an initial quote and then it will be up to you to decide whether service is carried out.
  • Unless prior arrangements are made, payment is due on receipt of invoice or work completion.


  • DEPOSIT required on any hardware purchases. For obvious reasons, Creative Computers will not purchase equipment or hardware for a customer without first having received payment for the total amount for said parts.


  • Creative Computers is NOT responsible for refunding monies for parts that did not remedy your computer problems. It is the customer's responsibility to return said parts to the place of purchase for a refund.


  • Abandoned Items - Creative Computers is a small Shop-based business and, as such, does not have space to store your equipment indefinitely. Creative Computers will hold your equipment for up to 30 days, at which point your equipment may be destroyed, erased and resold, or given away to a good cause. Prior arrangements CAN be made to store your equipment for a longer period of time -- it's understood that "things come up."


  • Turn-Around Time - Creative Computers is generally able to have your computer repaired within 24 hours or less. This is not a guarantee and does not warrant refunds or reductions of the price of service. Some operations may take longer. Have confidence that your desktop or laptop computer will be repaired ASAP by Creative Computers; your satisfaction is important to us!


  • Security and Prevention - It is the customer's responsibility to apply updates and maintain a regular maintenance schedule. Creative Computers is able to get your computer to a great working state; however, we cannot guarantee that your computer will stay that way! GOOD, updated antivirus software, Windows updates, and individual internet browsing habits all play a part in keeping your computer running correctly.


  • Signed Data Backup Waiver - Keeping a regular backup plan in place for your data is imperative! Creative Computers will offer to back up your data if you wish. Even if a customer does not want a backup, has a backup strategy in place, or wants a backup performed, a Signed Data Backup Waiver must be completed and signed.


  • Customer Is Responsible For Maintaining A Backup Of Data On Computer Prior To Service Repair. Creative Computers shall not be responsible at any time for any loss, alteration or corruption of any software, data or files due to pre-existing problems & diagnostic routines.





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