Console Collection

If your have a broken Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 in *Melbourne Victoria, we can collect the console and repair it for you, for no extra cost!




PC/Laptop Cleaning Service

One of the most common problems that computer users face is having their computer crash. Crashing can be caused by many things, but one of the most common is system overheating. Think of your computer as a small but powerful vacuum cleaner that is on all of the time.


Even though it does not move around the room, it  manages to suck up every speck of dust, dirt, hair and smoke particles from the immediate vicinity. As the air flows though the computer (from inlets in the front to outlets in the back, all of that material gets deposited on the internal parts of the system.


The result of this action can be seen in the picture below. Our customer called saying that their computer was freezing, hanging, locking up, crashing, and blue screening with no apparent cause. Once we had it in for repair, the problem became obvious - years of buildup were causing the system to overheat and, well, freeze, hang, lock up, crash, and blue screen.


SO... we recommend an annual preventative maintenance check on all customer computers to clean them out, make sure that they are patched, have current virus updates, and are in top condition. The money spent on this is trivial, especially when compared to the cost and aggravation of permanent data loss from a malfunctioning computer system.





Before Preventative Computer Maintenance:



After Preventative Computer Maintenance:





Please refer to our Computer [Clean Out and Dust Removal page]


If you are interested in preventing computer problems instead of fixing them, please contact us by phone at 039546 0199, emailing us at info(at), or filling out our contact form here...












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