Online System Health Check


An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! Our system checks can save you a great deal of time, stress and money from having your computer repaired.


Our system health check offers a complete analysis of your entire computer and reports back on the performance and status of your system.


Check the Anti-Virus software pattern files

We will go through your Anti-Virus software pattern files to ensure that they are all up to date. This will ensure that your system is kept safe from any virus threats or hack attempts.


Analyse all open ports and determine any threats

We will run a diagnostics test to determine which ports are open on your system. This will allow us to see the level of incoming and outgoing traffic through each port and analyse any suspicious traffic.


Check the hard disk status

Our technicians will run a check of your local hard disk drives to determine the data packet structure. This will allow us to comment on the status of the hard drives and also determine whether there are any damaged sectors present on the drives.


Check device drivers for outdated records

We will check the list of drivers installed for each connected device and determine if there any outdated drivers which will then be updated.


Analyse load applications to speed boot times

Our technicians will check which applications that are configured to run as a service when the system is first booted. We will then analyse which applications should be running and which should be stopped at start-up which will in turn speed up your computer.


Analyse all event log errors to diagnose fix's

We will check through all of the event logs and determine if there are any errors which should be rectified on the system.


Check the overall system performance

Basically we will check your entire system and ensure that it is running at its peak performance. We will do all we can to ensure your machine is kept healthy, and in turn minimise the need for any major computer repairs.


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