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Operating System Repair and Restore

I Need Technical Support is a desktop and laptop support service for all versions of Windows (including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Media Center, Windows 2000 and even Windows 98). We can perform essential maintenance to restore and repair your Windows operating system. In most cases an operating system can be repaired back to normal within 3 hours (if backups are provided). In the case of your system needing to be completely formatted and all drivers and software installed, the process can take anything up to 4 hours+. (Home users are capped @ 4 hours, max


PC & Laptop Repairs

Is your laptop or pc broken? Perhaps it's been dropped and now the screen is broken. Maybe the charger pin on your laptop is broken. Whatever repair you need. We can carry out maintenance and repairs on all makes and models of laptops & desktop PC's. Be it a Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Packard Bell, HP, Panasonic, Evesham, IBM, Acer, Sony, Compaq Presario, Gateway, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Advent and any others you can think of! We can repair right down to component level and replace almost any broken part on your machine.

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Our Store hours are:

Monday 9:30am to 5:30pm
Tuesday 9:30am to 5:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am to 5:30pm
Thursday 9:30am to 5:30pm
Friday 9:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday 10pm to 4:30pm
Sunday Closed


Contact Information

Tel: 95460199 
Tel: 1300 273 284 83
Cel: 0433 136 255 (SMS Only)
Fax:  95460177

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Professional service for Nintendo DS / NDSi Repairs


Nintendo DSi Repairs Parts and DS Lite Repairs now Available


We can do any repair on a Nintendo DSi AUS version and imported ones Turn around time usually 2 - 3 days
Common Repairs we do...

DSi  Touch Screen Replacement
DSi Bottom LCD Screen Replacement
DSi Top Screen Replacement
DSi Broken Hinge Replacement
DSi On/Off And Charging problems
DSi Full Case Changes ( Check out are range of different colours)
DSi Water damage and more The average Repair cost is $65 - $75


Nintendo DS / NDSi broken hinge




Symptom: Top part of the NDS is not clicking, too loose or comes apart

When this happens we take the inside components of your console and fit them into a Brand New case comes out like a NEW unit and parts and labor $75.00 comes with 3 months warranty.


Nintendo DS / NDSi Broken screen

Symptom: Very obviously broken top or bottom screen

We supply and fit Brand NEW Nintendo LCD screens for $95.00 comes with 3 months warranty.



Nintendo DS / NDSi not reading games



Symptom: Turns on and operate as normal but would not play any games

Nintendo DS console use copper pins (contacts) to connect the games to the mother board to read and play the games and some time extra moisture can cause these copper contacts to corrode or kids pushing the stylus or other object into the card reader bends the pins and stops the console reading games and in this case we replace the cartridge reader for $75.00 with a Brand New cartridge reader comes with 3 months warranty.



Nintendo DS / NDSi console not turning on


Symptom: Power switch sliding up does not have any effect

There could be few faults that could give you this malfunction in Nintendo DS consoles


  1. Battery is dead

  2. Charger is not charging the battery at all

  3. Power regulator in the mother board needs replacing

  4. Power fuse in the mother board is blown

  5. Power switch is faulty

Cost of the repair could vary depending what really is wrong with your console $45-$55.



Nintendo DSi console water damaged



Symptoms: If you remove the battery+case and look on the side of the cavity you can see the water sticker is smudged

How we fix: Water and electronic do not mix and water can cause many problems in them so depending how soon after water damaged we get your console we can repair the unit with the least cost if it is too lat for your console for $95 including freight we can replace your unit with a refurbished unit.

Cost: $55.00 - $165.00 for refurbished unit as worse case

Warranty: 3 months warranty.


Nintendo DSi touch screen Faulty


Symptoms: When you touch one part of the screen it shows as a a different part commonly known as off calibration

How we fix: Some time we can re calibrate you current screen and that fixes the issue and some time we need to replace the touch screen with a new screen.

Cost: $45.00 if recalibrate $85.00 for entire new screen

Warranty: 3 months warranty.



  • DS Lite won’t charge

Another quite common one. Very similar to the above problem. The most common causes are the charger,

charging point (dc jack) and faulty battery. A faulty motherboard/mainboard can also cause this.




That’s right! We can customise your DS, change the colours, the plastics, buttons & more!

The most popular new choice is black/white — which isn’t available as standard from Nintendo!



Booking a Repair

Booking a repair is simple, as we work from a situated Business Located at Shop 15 Ian Street Noble Park we must stipulate that callers are by appointment only. To book your repair simply call us on (03)9 546 0199 and make arrangements to drop off your machine or select a date that you would like the engineer to visit you.


Other Faults

If you experience any other faults with your Nintendo DS/NDSi then please contact us for help.




DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT bring any accessories with your system(s). We do not require any controllers, hard drivers, power cords, memory cards, video cables, etc...We will not be responsible for loss or damage to these accessories.




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