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Get protected against the latest Virus & Spyware infections with Internet Security software - reccomended by PC Repairs Creative Computers.


Creative Computers can custom build any PC or laptop to fit your needs and your budget. We have customized thousands of PC's and Laptops all over Australia. Have us Cutom Build your New System today.


Creative Computers has been fixing and building computers for over 10 years. Creative- Computers offers a very long list of services to its clients. At the all around lowest prices Guaranteed. Visit our Services Page Today.


  • If you gotta new machine and you dont know how to set it up.

  • Or your just trying to upgrade it and you dont wanna lose your files or you settings. We can protect you data as we transfer it to your new system. Comprenhensive Diagnostics


Our Comprehensive Diagnostic allows us to pinpoint you computers problems and also detect future problems. Please call (03)9546 0199 for your Comprehensive Diagnostic.


Data Backup Services

Is Your Critical Data Safe We provide hard drive recovery, hard disk data recovery, RAID data recovery + data recovery in Melbourne + emergency data recovery service + laptop data recovery + USB Data Recovery. We recover data with the help of our in-house team of data recovery specialists, data recovery experts and highly trained hard drive data recovery technicians located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Helpdesk Support Services

Fast &Friendly Help

PC & Laptop Repair Services

Get it Done by the right people


Ways to check your Processor performance The Processor is the important part of the computer & it uses mathematical calculations for working....


Importance of Computer Memory Memory is an essential part of a computer's hardware. Memory stores information that is used by a computer...


Ways to locate the system specs in a Computer In case if you are not able to find the list of Computer System Specs you can find it out by yourself... [More]


Ways used in AMD CPU for Overclocking Overclocking is a process of making a CPU run faster than it usually runs. By Overclocking the performance... [More]

Our certified Network engineers can design, install and maintain your networks. From a few computers to several hundred. We can help you from start to finished.  We can install the network wiring, switches, routers and servers. [Contact Us]


How we can help you?

For all computer problems - Large or small - call a local, friendly computer technician to take a look and help you with your computer related problems. From internet setup, email issues, slow computer performance to hardware & software replacement or advice, We can serve your needs. Call 03546 0199 anytime and I'll arrange a time to suit you. Quick call outs ensure that your 'nightmare' wont last long..



Pc Technician

Computer Repair Experts. Services For Home & Office. Metro Melb.

New Computer Setup and Install


Are you looking for a new computer? But don’t know where, how or how much?
Are you looking to upgrade your old computer?

Well, at Creative Computers we sale new desktop and notebook computers with full manufacture warranty!

You can pick from our popular pre-build computer systems or build your custome build your own one.
We can help you build your custom computer, all you have to do is call us on (03)9546 0199 (Aus Est Times).


Once you have bought your new computer, there is a lot to learn on just how to set it all up and use it! Creative Computers can assist you with your new computer whether it was bought from us or another shop.

We can help you get the most from your computer from day one and to easily achieve all those tasks you set out to do. From setup, install, training and transferring your old data from your existing PC, we can do all this for you and more.


Every person has different skills and knowledge of computers and as such their needs are very different. Just tell us which jobs you need done and will show you how its done.


Key Tasks Performed at Creative Computers


Anti-Virus Protection
Windows SP2
Spy-Ware Tools
HDD Defragging
Mal-Ware Tools
Registry Clean Up
Windows Updates
Full Report


Experience Makes The Difference


Over the years, Creative Computers has bought, sold, and traded of thousands and thousands of new and refurbished computers. With our experience and expertise, we can assist you in making sensible solutions that meet almost any computer need. From preconfigured systems to completely customized computers, Creative Computers has what you’re looking for. Choose from ready-to-go configurations or build your dream machine from top-of-the-line, name-brand components.


Solutions For Everyone


Want the latest technology but don’t want to break the bank? Creative Computers offers a complete line of factory-refurbished computer systems. Gently used, these reconditioned computers are given new life and brought back to factory specifications, all at a fraction of the original price. Backed by a nationwide warranty, our recertified computer systems offer cutting–edge equipment at a price to fit any budget. And with our popular “Trade-In, Trade Up” program, getting the latest and greatest couldn’t be easier.


Let us save you money!


Work with our experts to find the best choices for your needs and your budget. At Creative Computers, we want to provide you with the best information so you can make an informed, educated decision about what kind of desktop, laptop or notebook computer you want to buy. Whether you're someone who's comfortable with computers and wants a top-of-the-line system or a relative novice looking for something easy to learn on, Creative Computers can help you find the perfect computing companion.




Full Computer Setup and Install




Unpack and install Hardware


We will unpack the computer and plug in all the cords and cables needed to get you going, as well as attach and set up any other new or old devices you may have such as printers, scanners or cameras.






Ask us today to custom build you a new computer in Melbourne for local pickup or delivery. You can customise any of our example computers so we can build your perfect computer! For any help in choosing a new computer, please just email us with your intended use of the system, and include your budget and any required specs to the following email or contact us via online form






Microsoft Windows Setup


Windows goes through a setup routine when first used, but there are many other settings that should be changed to customise the system to your needs. Windows is usually pre-installed on PCs when sold, but we can install or reinstall if required. When buying a new computer from Creative Computers, please enquire beforehand about transfering your existing Windows license which can save you money.






A Few of our Custom Builds















Windows Software Updates


Windows out of the box is very insecure because it may have been months or years since the CD was produced so the latest security updates are not installed. We can install any patches or updates needed for your computer and make sure Windows is set to automatically update from Microsoft in the future to keep you safe.



Virus Removal Canberra


Antivirus and Security Software





Every computer needs to have security software to protect from the millions of malicious programs spread over the Internet each day. Emails and File Downloads are particularly susceptible to viruses, but just by browsing a bad or hacked website on the Internet can lead to infection.


Creative Computers can install any virus and security protection you need and there are many free programs that can help protect you, but for better protection we do have our preferred antivirus and firewall products for sale too.





Program / Application Installation and Setup

Creative Computers can install and set up any other Windows programs that you need on your computer, from word processing and email applications in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) or free solutions such as OpenOffice, to DVD, video and audio applications, as well as the latest games. Full setup pricing includes installation of up to half a dozen applications/programs.






Data Transfer from Old to New PC..


Getting a new computer and setting it up is great until you realise you need to transfer all your old files across to be able to use them. But where did you save them? Quite often programs save their files or settings in special Windows folders that can make them hard to find. Older computers may also have limited connectivity options such as no DVD or CD burner. They may have a slow USB 1.1 port (current USB2.0 is 40 times faster!) & now there is 3.0 (80 times faster then the 2.0) which can make transfer painfully slow, or sometimes no USB ports. This can make backups impossible without the right equipment or requiring physical transfer of the old hard disk temporarily or permanently to the new computer. We can take the stress out of hunting those files down or having to retype all your information. Creative Computers can transfer all of your important word processing & spreadsheet documents no matter where they are stored on your hard drive. Your emails, address / contact lists, Internet Favourites / Bookmarks, & any other important files can be transferred & backed up.













Peripherals Setup and Installation


A computer peripheral is simply any device that connects to your computer, but is outside of the computer case.

Cameras, Video Cameras, MP3 players, iPods, Printers and other multimedia devices have become very popular but some devices are less user friendly than others. We can install the driver software needed for the device and ensure it is working correctly. Then we can actually show you how to use it!Other peripherals we can install and configure include: Printers (Laser and Inkjet/DeskJet) Scanners, Faxes, Multifunction Devices (MFDs e.g. 3-in-1s, 4-in-ones, All-in-ones, ...), most USB Devices, Speakers, Microphones, Headsets, Webcams, Keyboards and Mice.



Additional Services for New Computers - Backup Services


Backups are very important but the most important backup is actually performed on a clean system. By having a complete image backup of your clean system, you can ensure that you can restore and go back to this pristine state if your hard drive ever gets errors or fails, or your computer gets infected with a virus, spyware, or other malicious programs.



We can also perform a full backup after your computer has been set up which enables you to restore the computer back to the exact state just after we set it up. This means you don't need to go through the hassle of reinstalling every program again and changing all their settings, which can be very time consuming.






Networking, Wireless and Internet Related


Other install and setup services you may require include Network Setup, Printer and File Sharing, Email Setup, Internet Setup, and especially useful for laptops is Wireless Network Setup - so you can surf the Web from anywhere in your house.






Windows, Software and Computer Training


When buying a new computer there is often a lot to learn about using new programs & you may even have a new version of Windows. Figuring out how to use the full potential of your computer can sometimes take many months of experimenting trying to complete tasks that you could have been taught by an expert in only a few minutes.

Creative Computers can erase this early frustration of new users or new computers and guide you through all your software programs by demonstrating the major features of each one installed on the computer - or just the ones you want to learn! Students gain more confidence & remember much more when they can immediately have a hands-on try themselves under our guide, while also asking any questions.

Let us teach you how to get the best from your computer, whether you want structured exercises to be demonstrated then attempted or a casual question-and-answer session where you ask us anything you want to know about your computer!




...Or give life to your old PC instead!


If you haven't bought your new PC yet maybe you could upgrade your existing PC and increase its current speed! Quite often a memory upgrade and a Windows Like New Computer Tune Up may be all you need to give life to your old PC.






PC Hardware Repair and Troubleshooting





Emergency Computer Services?? + Engineers Always On-Call + Rapid Response Computer Service + Computer Repairs + Laptop Repairs + Network Troubleshooting + Service By Microsoft Certified Computer Technicians with over 10 years experience -









There's a NO FIX NO FEE!! 'SATISFACTION GUARANTEED'... CALL (03)9546 0199 FOR SERVICE in your area now!


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