Our certified Network engineers can design, install and maintain your networks. From a few computers to several hundred. We can help you from start to finished.  We can install the network wiring, switches, routers and servers.



Name resolution

Resolving or translating a domain name to an IP address is called domain name resolution. It is the process of figuring out the IP address that corresponds to a given name. For example the URL for the IP Address Location Web site is and have IP address

When you type TCP/IP will need to translate these meaningful words into the IP address. After resolving of a name to an computer IP address, the host can then figure out whether the destination is local or remote and can continue with the communication. This is similar to finding a phone number when all you know is a name.


Cabled Network Services

Our team can install, repair and troubleshoot any kind of cabled computer network with ease. We can supply cabled networking solutions for small, medium and large network configurations. Whether home or business we can install your computer network and ensure it remains hassle free.

We offer contract computer and network support and specialise in implementing rock solid cabled network installations


Fact: IPv4 VS Ipv6

In IPv4, there are 32 bits in every address but IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses which are exponentially larger than the address size of IPv4.IPv6 supports a number of addresses that is 4 billion times the 4 billion addresses of the IPv4 address space.

Network Cables, Switches, Routers and more!

We have lots of great networking product for a low cost everyday here at Creative Computers in Melbourne. If you're looking to get wireless setup in your home, just come on down here to Creative Computers and we can set you up with a router/switches etc.. We'll even help you with the installation if required..


Service Contracts
We offer service contacts to businesses that allow for monthly services  that includes: data backups, server repairs, network and system updates.  If you can't afford a full time technician or need a trained computer professional, we make it easy and affordable.


Console Collection

If your have a broken Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 in *Melbourne Victoria, we can collect the console and repair it for you, for no extra cost!

Fast Turnaround

We aim to turn around repaired consoles in around 24hrs, depending on the fault and the testing. If we anticipate a longer turnover then we will always contact you immediately to let you know.


a safe site ? 


My computer isn't working!!

Don't worry, we'll fix it for you! Melbourne Metro 24/7

Network Setup and Support

Network Setup for Internet, File and Printer sharing


Networks allow you to share an Internet connection & other resources between computers. By connecting computers together on a network, you can share your broadband Internet connection throughout your entire home & all use the Internet connection at the same time.


After Creative Computers has set up your network, we can easily configure sharing of your files between computers. Maybe you want only one shared folder on each PC, or you could share your whole My Documents or any other folders or drives with other computers for access to the latest files. This means no more emailing or USB/Floppy transfers between the computers, while the speed of transfer is also hundreds of times faster.



Other devices such as Printers may also be shared between computers so files may be sent to the printer from the kitchen even though the printer may be in the lounge room at the other side of the house. Scanners and Faxes may also be able to be shared, but it depends on the model of the scanner or fax unit.


Networks are also great for backups, because you can easily backup files so that they are stored on a different computer. This adds greater protection for your important files in case the original computer were to fail & corrupt its hard drives or if the computer is affected from a virus outbreak. Backing up over a network is quick and easy once set up and we can even set up automated backups for you over the network.



Creative Computers can install or setup any existing network devices you may have but we prefer to supply our own hardware because not only is it much quicker for us to set up for you and get you going, but we only use and sell reliable models that we have tried and tested over the years with minimum problems. (Install price above is for labour and does not include any extra hardware you may need.)


It is hard to recommend a single brand because models from the same brand differ greatly, but in our opinion better options usually are made by Linksys, Asus, Billion, Dynalink, and TP-Link. The less well known brand (in Australia at least) of TP-Link is the most popular networking brand in China and are a very reliable option for entry level routers and other networking products.


Both the TP-Link and Dynalink may not have all the options for advanced users, but they often outperform much more expensive routers and are ideal for most users. Other popular manufacturers of networking products include D-Link, Netcomm, Netgear, and Belkin. The Thomson/Alcatel brand is also popular with Bigpond/Telstra broadband Internet connections as they are usually provided by Bigpond during sign-up.


While a manufacturer may make an exceptional router or modem with particular models, they may also have in their product line some very poor performers. Please contact us before you purchase for advice!

We can guide you through the complex of options of modems, routers, switches and wireless devices. Network cabling under floors, walls or roofing is not provided by Creative Computers but we can recommend and work with licensed ACMA (formerly ACA) cablers to do the job.


Network Support and Troubleshooting

Isn't it annoying when the Internet cuts out just as you were trying to send an email or downloading random

information. Maybe you're having trouble with your firewall or printer or file sharing?

Creative Computers can troubleshoot your existing network and computer setup to pin point any faults in hardware such as modems, routers or network cards, their configuration, security, or the cabling itself and fix the problem to ensure your computers and network are working most reliably. We can help you get your network back online and ensure that your network security is sufficient, having all your security, firewall and antivirus needs covered.


With many Internet and downloading issues it can sometimes be difficult to determine if your network, computer, phone line or even the Internet Service Provider at fault when the Internet cuts out or slows down to a crawl. Creative Computers can identify the problem with troubleshooting & testing with a range of network devices to isolate the fault & then remedy the problem for you.




Network diagrams


Network diagrams can also be produced for you to help you understand your network. It shows all your connected devices, their relationships, & their important network settings.

Networks use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to identify computers and it is important that computers and other networked devices are set up to use the correct IP addresses of your network.

A router is used to route data packets in a network (the Internet is a large collection of joined networks) & passes the data (packet) to the next hop along the route to the destination. A router usually also performs Network Address Translation (NAT) which converts the IP address in the data packets between your private network IP addresses & your public IP address obtained from your ISP.


A network diagram can show your network configuration details easily which can help you understand your network and is invaluable if making any changes, adding new devices or for troubleshooting purposes.






Key Features...


  • Share documents and media
    Enable your network to access and share the internet, photos, music and documents between all of your computers.


  • Print via your Wi-Fi Network
    Give you the capability to print via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the house.


  • Connect Additional Wireless Devices
    Connect network enabled DVD players, game consoles and TVs to allow downloads of new content.


  • Make sure you are totally satisfied
    Take the time to make sure you fully understand the ins and outs of your new network and make sure you are completely satisfied.

Networking and Wireless (WIFI) Setup
Creative Computers technicians can setup or troubleshoot your wired or wireless (WIFI) network at home or office.

DSL or Cable connection: Our technicians can help you setup your DSL or Cable high-speed internet connection.

Printer Sharing: Share your printer with more than one computer or laptop through a network installation.

Communication plays a major role of all businesses around the world. The needs of communication increase each day. If you have problems with your technology for communications, Creative Computers is right here for your. We designed and provide you with the best cost-efficient LAN, WAN, VPN, IP PBX and VoIP Solutions!!


Popular brands of modems and routers:

TP-Link, Linksys, Billion, Asus
, D-Link , Netcomm, Netgear,
Alcatel / Thomson / Speedtouch, OPEN Networks,
Dynalink, Siemens / SpeedStream, Draytek, ZyXEL



If You’re a Business, We Can Provide Network Cover For You


We serve and maintain a host of local businesses with network cover and maintenance contracts. If you think you’re business may benefit from any sort of cover with us, contact us to discuss how we can help you ’stay out of trouble’. You can call us anytime on 039546 0199 or use the contact form on this website.






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