Virus & Threads Removal


Get rid of any unwanted virus or spyware from your computer. Call us & we will clean your computer from virus, spyware or any malicious items. We will also give your tips on how to avoid from being affected by virus or malicious items & get free software


System Upgrade

Planning to upgrade your system? We can provide you with upgrade information and support. Just tell us what you need and will do the rest for you. From low end spec's to High end we got you covered..


Privacy & Security Protection


Upgrade your privacy and security on your computer from the internet or unauthorized use. Get the valuable tips on how to protect privacy while using internet and how to safely make online transaction without giving your valuable information to unauthorized people.


Our certified Network engineers can design, install and maintain your networks. From a few computers to several hundred. We can help you from start to finished.  We can install the network wiring, switches, routers and servers.


Data Networking

A network is as fast as the wiring and implementation of its hardware. In order to utilize the optimum performance of today's technology, your network architecture must also be up to date with the technology. We offer 10/100/1000 Mbs Cat 5e & 6 also Crossover network implementation.


Computer Repair and Hard drive Data Recovery

Computer system crashed? Use Creative Computers...


Affordable data recovery service! We can restore critical information from hard drives that have suffered accidental formatting, deletion, severe crashes, equipment malfunction, software corruption, computer viruses, natural disasters, power surges and outages.


Service Contracts
We offer service contacts to businesses that allow for monthly services  that includes: data backups, server repairs, network and system updates.  If you can't afford a full time technician or need a trained computer professional, we make it easy and affordable.


PC Health Check

Our PC Health Check service is a complete MOT for your PC, we will run a diagnosis on your hardware, check for malware infections, clean your systems registry and install the latest updates...


Choose a domain name for your business and put up your business online and make it accessible to millions of customers all over the world.


Reliability, uptime and speed are critical elements when determining the success of your web presence. A trustworthy service provider with the latest hardware.


Clean inside/outside of your computer case
Backup all of your personal files, drivers and email
Reformat (Erase) your computers hard drive.
Reload a fresh copy of your Windows operating system
Add all the newest Windows security patches and settings
Defragment and optimize your computer's hard drive for top performance
Install all printers, scanners, etc.
Install your current Internet service provider (ISP)
Setup your email, Outlook etc..
Install all of your software/Utilities.


Network Services

Creative Computers can offer you a wide variety of network services. They include but are not limited to:

  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Web Servers
  • Email
  • Database Servers
  • Fax Servers
  • Print Servers
  • File Servers
  • Firewall's
  • VPN Server
  • Network OS Updates
  • VPN and Firewall Configuration
  • LAN/WAN/WLAN Support
  • Project Management
  • Network Design & Support
  • Point of Sale Support
  • Cable Installation
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Data Backup and Protection
  • Remote System Support
  • Firewall setup & support
  • Router Configuration

And more...


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Internet Advice

Want the best value ISP plan or to save money on your Internet?


If you want to install broadband or other Internet services there are many different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and plans to choose from, but the biggest ISPs are rarely the best for support and price.

It is also important to go with a reliable provider that will not only keep your downtime to a minimum, but which also has quality and efficient upstream links to the rest of the Internet.

Creative Computers can give you personal advice on what type of Internet connection and which Internet Service Provider (ISP) is best to suit your needs. Everybody uses the Internet differently so ISPs have a range of plans and speeds that target different types of users.

Our Internet and network support is only a phone call away, but if your Internet is down then your ISP should be your first contact. The level of support from your ISP can play a big factor in your Internet experience and it is also usually not worth going with the cheapest if support will suffer.

Getting slugged with excess / over quota charges?


Maybe you are not happy with your current Internet Service Provider's price, support, reliability or performance? Many ISPs are signing customers up on plans with very small download usage allowance (e.g. 400MB per month) and then slugging them with hundreds of dollars worth of 'excess usage' for going over the allocated usage limit.

Some ISPs also count all your uploads (e.g. when you send an email or use a file-sharing program) towards your quota, instead of just your downloads (e.g. when you receive an email or download a file). This practise can effectively cut your monthly quota in half; we can recommend better ISPs to you without these hidden catches!

We can help you choose the best plan!


Creative Computers knows exactly which ISPs are offering services in your area and can recommend the best choices for your location and particular Internet needs. Every household or business has different speed / throughput requirements and diverse needs for the amount of data they need to download each month affecting the size of quota needed.


Of course price is also a major factor in Internet plan and ISP choice and although you usually do get what you pay for, there are many overpriced plans out there! We can recommend a range of plans at different price points to make sure you always get the best value for money.

If you're not getting any help from your ISP or need an Internet upgrade please give us a call on (03) 9546 0199 or Book a Service today.


Internet Setup


If modems, routers, IP addresses, and other network/Internet jargon has you confused, then we can set it straight for you! Creative Computers can set up any Internet and network connections you need to get you online. If requested we can teach you along the way what we're doing so you can change settings yourself if you want!


We can also check your existing computers and equipment to see whether you have the minimum requirements needed to get on the Net. We can then setup any existing working equipment or supply and install whatever you may need. Often Internet connections are shared by more than one computer - we can also set up a network for you at the same time as your Internet Setup. Multiple visits charged at hourly rate.


We do prefer to supply our own networking and Internet equipment because not only is it much quicker for us to set up for you and get you going, but we only use and sell reliable models that we have tried and tested over the years for minimum problems. (Install price above is for labour and does not include any extra hardware you may need.)

It is hard to recommend a single brand because models from the same brand differ greatly. While in our opinion a certain manufacturer makes the best router at a certain price level, we also hold the belief this same manufacturer makes the worst router sold at another price and feature level! Please contact us before you purchase for advice.

We can guide you through the complex of options of modems, routers, switches and wireless devices. Network cabling under floors, walls or roofing is not provided by Creative Cpmputers but we can recommend and work with licensed ACMA (formerly ACA) cablers to do the job.




Internet Support and Help


Isn't it annoying when the Internet cuts out just as you were trying to send an email or downloading our latest price list! Maybe you're having trouble with your firewall or your Internet is just too slow?

If websites are timing out, you're getting "This page cannot be displayed" or Internet Explorer errors then Creative Computers can troubleshoot your existing Internet and computer setup. We will pin point any faults in configuration, security or the cabling itself and fix the problem to ensure your computers and network are working most reliably. We can help you get your Internet back online and ensure that your Internet security is sufficient, having all your security, firewall and antivirus needs covered.


With many Internet and downloading issues it is hard to determine if your network, computer, phone line or even the Internet Service Provider at fault when the Internet cuts out or slows down to a crawl. Creative Computers can identify the problem with troubleshooting and testing with a range of network devices to isolate the fault and then remedy the problem.





Creative Computers can test your line quality and speed to ensure that you are getting the Internet connection you are paying for. We can work out how far you are away from your telephone exchange which is the biggest factor in your Internet speed, and see if your results are close enough to the average at that distance, otherwise this may signify a problem that needs further investigation


We can also optimise your network and Internet settings to make sure your speed is the fastest possible, and also tweak your Web Browser software (e.g. Internet Explorer/FireFox/Opera/Chrome) and Windows which both also play a role in your Internet's speed.


Examples of other types of Internet issues we can help with: Slow downloads, files not downloading or opening, port forwarding, PDF, JavaScirpt, ActiveX issues, Download Accelerators, File sharing, P2P, Scheduling off-peak downloads, FTP Maybe your ISP is just not up to the job? We can also recommend other ISPs with better reliability, support and speed. Please give us a call on (03)9546 0199 or Book a Service for help.


Network Troubleshooting and Support Service

Internet Sharing Setup


If you have more than one computer you will want to set up Internet Sharing so that all the PCs or other devices in your house can all access the Internet at the same time. This is usually achieved with a separate device called a router but many modems these days also have routers built in to them.


Sharing an Internet connection can also be performed with a computer set up to use a Microsoft Windows feature called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) but this is not as efficient or reliable than with using a router. It also means this computer set for ICS has to be turned on for other computers to connect to the Internet, while the computer must also have two network cards installed which we can install if this method is requested.




Email Setup


Email is still the most popular activity on the Internet, so it's likely you will also want to set up your email program too! We can configure any email accounts you have with your favourite email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Eudora. If you don't have a current email program we can upgrade or install one too!


All ISPs give you at least one email address such as but if you ever change ISPs your email address will need to change as well. Creative Computers can set you up with a free email using Google Mail or another provider which lets you keep your email address virtually forever. Your old email address, or any new ones, can be redirected to this address, and it can even be setup to use your existing email client, such as Outlook.

These services also have an advantage that email can be read and also saved online (some providers now have massive amounts of storage!) which means you can access your email anywhere in the world, on any computer with an Internet connection.


If you'd like a more personal email address, we can set you up with your own Internet domain name such as These are usually used for web sites (e.g. we own but prices for domain registration and management have reduced heavily over the years many people are now getting their own domain simply for one or more personalised email addresses. (Of course a web site may be attached to the domain as well but is not actually necessary. Soon we will offer web design, domain and hosting packages - please contact us for a quote in the meantime.)



Internet Security


With the average time an unprotected computer takes to get infected only 20 minutes it is extremely important to have proper security software and hardware in place to help prevent infection and hackers.

Creative Computers can test you computer and network from a hackers point of view to make sure your defenses are properly set up. Having a firewall and other security software is a great start, but if configured incorrectly can be rendered useless and leave a wide hole in your security. We can check that your security is sufficient and install the hardware or free and / or subscription software you need to keep your computer protected.


Not having enough, or any, wireless security is exceptionally dangerous because neighbours or anyone walking/driving past your home or office can connect to your network without your knowledge. This not only means any stranger can use your Internet for free, maybe slowing down your connection, racking up your Internet bill, or performing illegal activities which can be traced back to you, but they may also be able to access your computer & any files on it.



Computer Networking

These days computer networking is an essential part of any computing environment. Be it cable or wireless we can ensure your network is safe, secure and working at all times!!


Internet Security and Firewalls

Is your computer and/or network secure? With the massive growth of the Internet, Internet security has become extremely important. We can solve your security issues whatever your setup


Computer Equipment Sales

We offer new and used computer equipment that can be tailred to suit your requirements at very reasonable prices.


Data Recovery

We recognize that lost data brings with it vast troubles and we assure to do our greatest to assist you to resolve your disaster, wherever achievable.


Computer TuneUps

Have one of our tune up services on your computer and notice the difference in
the way it performs. We optimize your computer to run at its best performance as well as removing unwanted spyware, melware etc.


Virus and Spyware Removal

Does your computer seem to be running slower than it used to? Viruses and/or spyware might be to blame. We can remove the infections and install a solution to protect you in the future.


Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Are you fed up with the inconvenience of dismantling your computer and lugging it to a repair shop every time it needs service – only to be kept waiting a week or more to get it back? There's a better way - we come to you for immediate help.





Popular brands of modems and routers -

TP-Link, Linksys, Billion, Asus
, D-Link , Netcomm, Netgear,
Alcatel / Thomson / Speedtouch, OPEN Networks,
Dynalink, Siemens / SpeedStream, Draytek, ZyXEL





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