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2. Fill in the shipping form, print it and sign it;
3. Put your hard drive in well-padded box (click here for detailed instructions) and post it to us using the address label at the end of the shipping form by recorded Royal Mail or Special Delivery;


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Creative Computers is a specialist data recovery company offering the highest quality and the most cost-effective solutions for its business and private customers. We specialise in recovery of data from hard drives types such as IDE, PATA, SATA, eSATA, USB, SCSI, RAID, NAS, SAN, SAS, SNAP, SSD and digital storage media such as USB memory sticks, camera flash. iPods or micro drive cards. We Recover Files: Recovery Data Services.

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File recovery from a corrupt hard disk can be a very complex task. Disk recovery begins with a FREE ANALYSIS to determine the potential for drive recovery and to provide an quote for your review. The initial hard drive recovery diagnosis determines whether data recovery is possible at all and if so, how much it will cost and how long it will take to be done. Once we have your approval, we go to the next stage which is to clone your hard drive and create a raw image of the data on our servers. If the media is inaccessible our lab will test the components and closely examine its internal health to determine the extent of physical damage.




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We are here to help you. At Creative Computers we specialize in recovering "vital data" from desktop, laptop and notebook hard disk drives and RAID Servers, PC and MAC.

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Contact Address: Shop 15, Ian Street Noble Park, 3174 Melbourne Victoria, Australia.


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Data Recovery / Hard Drive Recovery / File Recovery

WARNING: You should STOP using and TURN OFF the computer that requires data recovery as soon as possible. Using the same hard drive needing data recovery can damage the drive further or can cause the lost data to be overwritten permanently.

Overwriting data can make data recovery impossible and/or can increase the time and cost of data recovery. Incorrect attempts of data recovery can also make professional data recovery services more difficult and costly.

CAUTION: If you are using the same computer or hard drive which you have lost data from, please write down our phone number (03)9546 0199, turn off your PC/Notebook/Laptop and give us a call.


Did you accidentally hit DELETE insead of SAVE?
Have you spilled water on your Laptop?
Did the kids use the netbook as a frisby?

If so, all is not lost. We specialise in Data Recovery.

If another company has told you that you cannot get your data or it is too expensive to recover bring it to us.

We have many more techniques than the average repair shop and we are currently sitting at 95% success rate.

Please inform all your FRIENDS that we provide this service using the links below, it may save their bacon some day.





Creative Computers Data Recovery diagnosis costs:
$66 drop-off to Noble Park
$99 pick-up & drop-off in Melbourne 

Australia wide data recovery diagnosis costs:
$99 return postage if sent to our PO Box


We can recover your data from most types of media, in any size:

Desktop Computer Hard Drives - 3.5 inch: SATA, IDE and SCSI
Laptop/Notebook Hard Drives - 2.5 inch & 1.8 inch: SATA, IDE and SCSI
Portable/External Hard Drives - 2.5 & 3.5 inch: USB, Firewire, eSATA & SSD.

USB Flash Media: USB Keys / Flash Drives / USB Thumb Drives / Flash Sticks
Other Flash Media: Mobile Phone SIM Cards, MMC, SD, Compact Flash
Floppy Drives - 3.5 inch, 5.25 inch






If you have lost data or computer files and require data recovery from your hard disk drives or other media, Creative Computers can help you retrieve your data. We have over ten years of data recovery experience locally in Melbourne so you can be sure your data is in safe hands with Creative Computers.


Fill out the form to request your service today and we will contact you usually within 24-48 hours.



Data Recovery & Data Transfer Services


We are Melbourne's most cost effective professional data recovery service. 

















Problems with your hard disk drives, like the loss of important data are quite common. Bad sectors, Errors, or virus attacks could occur and you will be faced with data recovery. It’s not nice to think that you have lost all your data, those photos of the kids and holiday snaps or maybe your work documents. So you lose your data? These are just some of the questions you want to ask yourself:


  • Your email program can't find all your emails?
  • Your computer was infected by a virus?
  • Your computer can't see your hard drive?
  • Your hard drive got formatted before backing up your data?
  • Your PC or Laptop is not booting up & is showing a hard drive error or is Corrupted?
  • Or what if your hard drive crashed and erased your data?
  • The list goes on and on, There’s no need to fear... Creative Computers has the know how to get all your data back for you. So, if you it is data recovery that you want done on your hard disk drive, then this is probably the work of the experts. Call Us Now!!! (03)9546 0199


    ALL hard disk drives will fail


    Most hard disks will last about 3-5 years, but Google's study of over one hundred thousand of their own disks over about 1 in 17 drives fail within their first year. Hard drives fail easily if knocked around or if a speck of dust contaminates the drive, but it is simply a matter of time before the hard drive will wear out and have a physical / mechanical failure. You must ensure that you are prepared when this unfortunate event occurs at any time, or in case your files get accidentally deleted or attacked by a virus which can harm those important files you use most. Laptops are also especially vulnerable to theft which can lead to zero chance of data recovery if the laptop cannot even be found.


    Creative Computers can assist you to implement a proper backup routine that will keep your files safe and secure. One of the most important factors of backup is having a regular routine that is easy to follow - otherwise your important backups will never get done! Backup routines can also be automated so you can have peace of mind knowing your backup data is always up to date.


    Each backup service can usually be completed during a one or two hour service unless there's a lot of data to be backed up, or the computer is very old! For very large backups it may be more efficient to arrange a drop-off service.






    Offsite Backup


    Also available to Melbourne users is a regular off-site backup service. Your data is backed up onsite to a portable hard drive and this data is then encrypted and safely stored away from you premises in case of fire or burglary etc. This service is especially useful for small and medium business with critical data that needs complete protection from disaster.







    Creative Computers preferred leading provider of data recovery services for failed hard disk drives in laptops, desktops, data servers, RAID arrays & tape cartridges. Our hard disk drive evaluation & data recovery services are 'warranty-safe'. We will recover the data you need or there will be no fees or hidden costs charged, Guaranteed. Through the years, Creative Computers has been successful in recovering data after others in our industry have failed!!


    Our Fast, Secure & Confidential Hard Drive Recovery Services we provide are for any Media / Any Brand / Any Operating System, Physically Damaged Hard Drives - "Click Of Death", Deleted, Overwritten or Corrupted Files & Emails, RAID (Emergency RAID Recovery Service), SAN, NAS and Server Data Recovery Tape Overwrites, Backup Restore Services.

    Lost your valuable data due to Hard Disk or Computer Media Crash? Call (03) 9546 0199 and experience why we are Victoria's and South East Melbourne Preferred Professional Data Recovery Service Provider.






    Why Choose Creative Computers to Recover your Data?

    We are Melbourne's most cost effective professional data recovery service. 
    Absolutely Free Evaluation irregardless whether your data is recoverable or not.
    Advanced Data Recovery techniques and facilities to recover what others deem as "Unrecoverable"
    Unprecedented service level commitment and customer service support.
    Quick evaluation of damaged media at our facility
    Absolutely No Charge if we cannot recover your Data.
    100% Confidentiality & Privacy of Customer's Data (Strict Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy)
    'Warranty Safe' Data Recovery Evaluation Services
    Data Collection Office located in the heart of the city, Melbourne, Victoria


    Call Creative Computers on (03)9546 0199 now (http://www.Creative-Computers.com.au ) to begin the hard drive data recovery process or to enquire about our data recovery services.



    Call to inquire about:
    - Our Free phone consultation
    - Our Absolutely Free hard drive evaluation
    - Our No data recovered - No data recovery Fee policy
    - Our RAID Data Recovery Support
    - Our Data Recovery Guarantee
    - Our 100% Data Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy
    - Quick Data Recovery turnaround time 






    Data loss due to hard drive failure is frightening. Whether it be irreplaceable family pictures and videos or the severe case of losing vital business information, don’t assume you’ve lost everything.

    Creative Computers can almost always recover your data and reinstall it into a working drive and have you back up and running in no time.

    Here are some Common Causes of Data Loss in HDD Drives:
    • Computer won't boot
    • Inaccessible drives
    • Inaccessible partitions
    • Corrupt files/data
    • Bad sectors
    • Virus Attack
    • Hard drive crash
    • water damage


    • component failure
    • Hard disk failure
    • unable to run or load data
    • Fire damage
    • Media surface contamination
    • Media surface damage
    • Accidental reformatting of partitions
    • Accidentally deleted files


    3 Crucial Steps to a Successful Data Recovery:


    • Turn off computer immediately. (To prevent further possible irreparable damage) (Relax & take deep breath.)
    • If possible have hard disk drive removed by qualified technician.
    • Contact Us for immediate courteous, knowledgeable & 'professional' data recovery service in Melbourne.


    How long does data recovery take?

    We have three data recovery service options:
    Emergency Service - 24 hour turn around time
    Priority Service - three day turn around time
    Standard Service - two week turn around time

    If necessary, a diagnosis and price quote can be obtained within 4 business days.


    How much does data recovery cost?

    Data recovery costs can vary depending on the type of storage media, severity of damage, specialty parts, and turn around time required. We have solutions starting at $450 for flash cards, optical discs and magnetic disks. Hard drives and magnetic tape recoveries start at $700


    What is the success rate of data recovery?

    The good news is, although there is no guarantee that data can be recovered, our team of specialists have years of success recovering data from all types of media. If it can be recovered, Creative Computerss will do it!

    The success of data recovery depends on the nature of the damage to the storage media. Unfortunately, chances for successful recovery decrease if there is physical damage to a hard drive's platters or magnetic layer. Severe physical failure can cause irreversible damage to any kind of magnetic storage media.


    Is there anything I can do to recover my data?

    Users inexperienced in data recovery can cause more damage to their storage media when attempting to recover data themselves. If you are in already in a data loss situation, contact our Data Recovery Specialists right away to discuss your options for safe data recovery.


    Do you recover laptop hard drives?

    Yes, laptop hard drive recovery uses the same methods as desktop hard drives.


    Can you recover data if I've had a virus attack?

    Most viruses attack files that the computer uses to function normally. A security breach can result in noticeable performance changes, random rebooting, adware, spyware and even missing files. The majority of these issues can be addressed with our Comprehensive Overhaul Service. In the event the virus deletes or corrupts files, Creative Computers is experienced in repairing this type of damage.


    From what operating systems can you recover data?

    We recover data from a variety of operating systems. The most common platform in use today is Microsoft Windows. Other widely used operating systems include: OSX, RedHat and FreeBSD.

    Here is a breakdown of different operating and corresponding file systems:

    Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, NT Server, 2000 Server and 2003 Server
    Common file systems: FAT12, FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS

    Macintosh OS9 and OSX
    Common file systems: MFS, HFS, HFS+ and HSFX

    Common file systems: UFS, UFS2, JFS and BSD

    Linux RedHat
    Common file systems: Ext, Ext2, Ext3 and VxFS

    Novell Netware
    Common file system: NSS


    What can I do to protect my data?

    The best protection against data loss is a proper backup system. Creative Computers provides many data backup solutions and can tailor one to meet your needs. Contact your nearest Creative Computers location to discuss which data backup solutions will be best for you.




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