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Full-time team of IT Professionals vs. Sub-contractor network:

Most computer service companies use a network of sub-contractors. While hiring sub-contractors, work quality is treated with less importance since it is not their business that they represent. Typically a sub-contractor receives jobs, go to the client site and do the job. If the machine is taken away, they will bring the machine back to their "home" workshop and return the machine at an agreed time.  


Creative Computers difference:

We worked diligently over the years to build a strong committed team of full-time staffs. Our workshops are fully equipped with specialised laptop and computer repair tools, testing areas, and electronic quality control system. Each office is operated by a team of 4-5 IT Professionals with a branch manager. Our IT Professionals are highly qualified with MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CA certifications and have 10-15 years of practical experience.



We Service Computer/Laptops/All Consoles. We Sell Peace of Mind
Creative Computers success depends on the customer satisfaction. That is why all our works are covered with



Upfront Quote. No hidden charges
All services carried out by Creative Computers Technicians are quoted upfront and there is no hidden charges and surprised costs.

Be confident that you'll know exactly how much it will cost and decide whether to proceed with the quote or not.


Service price matching program
Creative Computers has an ongoing commitment to providing quality services at the lowest price. We'll beat any competitor's price by 10% on the same service Guaranteed.
Same day or 24 hour service or NO CHARGE!
We strive to be the best people in IT Service Industry.
We guarantee our technician will be at your door in the same day or within 24 hours if you call before 10AM.
All PC / Laptop Quotes are free!
  • PC and Laptop Repairs and Upgrades
  • Games Console Repairs
  • Home and Business Networking
  • PC's built to spec
  • Business Server and Maintenance Contracts available upon request
  • FREE collection and return service for repairs
  • Installation of Hard and Software
  • We also sell hardware, software and PC peripherals. Call in to the store or contact us for further details of all of our stock 




All service  works are under three month warranty from the date of machine repair, return, signed and accepted by the customer. Creative Computers warrants that the service rendered will be subject to the certified standards by Creative Computers. The 3 month warranty claim will be serviced under the conditions that it is not the customer’s fault or wrong doings, the problems are within the scope of the warranted job and the reappearing problems are due to the technician incompletion of the job.

A. It is not the customer’s fault or wrong doings: Creative Computers does not warrant the service for subsequent actions by the customer after the machine has been returned and shown to the customer to be in good working order, such as customer do-it-yourself reinstallation of the operating system, surfing of spyware source websites, reinstallation of software that has been known or marked by our technician to potentially cause conflicts with the operating system or other software.

B. The problem is within the scope of the warranted job: the warranty covers for repeating problems and requests by customers that can be shown to have not been completed by the technician properly. If the technician attends onsite and the problems the customer identify are not within the scope of the warranted job or the problems do not appear as the customer describe, the customer is liable to pay for the visit as an entire new job.

C.    The problems reappear due to the technician incompletion of the job: Our technicians always thoroughly check the system to make sure all your requests are completed and other common issues resulted from the diagnosed problems are tested before leaving. If the problems reappear without any subsequent actions by the customer a warranty job will be provided to fix the problem to its entirety.

VIRUS AND SPYWARE RE-INFECTION: It is often possible for a computer to be reinfected with the same spyware and virus that have been removed by our technicians. Spyware infection and reinfection can be as easy as visiting a bad website. If our technicians have provided you with the instructions and recommendations on protection software and you have not followed the recommendation, we can not service your warranty claim for the reappearing problem.

Call-out fees will apply for certain locations depending on travel time. Quotes are valid for 7 days unless notified in advance. We reserve the right to adjust the quote according to hardware and software conditions if found differently from the time the technician composes the quote. Any adjustment will be communicated with the client before we proceed.

In order for us to match the price of the same service, the Customer needs to show us a current advertisement, or formal quotation from another computer service company with valid contact telephone number so we can confirm the price is current and valid. Price matching might be applied on labour charge only, please check with our staffs for more details.

This guarantee applies exclusively to service scheduled through our service hotline (03) 9546 0199 for Microsoft-based systems. 24hr service must be requested over the phone no later than 10 a.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, using the same time zone as the physical location of the appointment. 24hr service is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis only. 24hr service guarantee does not apply to warranty jobs. Creative Computers may assign specific appointment times at its discretion, either for its own purposes or as a courtesy to customers, but the company only guarantees that a technician will arrive by midnight. Customer requests for specific appointment times are not covered by this guarantee in any way. This guarantee only applies to the initial visit by a Creative Computers technician and does not ensure that all necessary work can be completed on the same day. Any changes made by a customer to a same day service request that is already scheduled void this guarantee in its entirety. In the event Creative Computers is unable to provide 24 hour service to a customer, a credit of up to $270 maximum will be applied toward labour charges on the next available appointment scheduled by the customer through our service hotline as listed above. This credit does not apply to call out fees and hardware or software purchases. This offer is limited to one per customer. Creative Computers may cancel this offer at any time.