Some facts...

  • A new computer virus is unleashed every 2 hours
  • 1 in 5 computers suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime
  • There has yet to be a computer invented that never has a problem
  • The loss of data and downtime often far exceeds the cost of the computer


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If your games system is having problems our Expert Games Console Repair Engineers at creative computers can get you back to Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto in Double quick time. You can drop into the workshop alternatively we have a "Collect & Return" service that may suit you better. At Creative Computers we repair all games systems from Nintendo DS to PSP and of course Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360s.


we pride ourselves on our commitment to meet our customers' expectations by providing quality service.


Repaired By

Repair Time

4-5 weeks


4-5 weeks


4-5 weeks

Creative Computers

25 minutes - 24 hours


Are you experiencing:
*Power Failure
*Error Codes
*Hardware Failure
*Flashing or Blinking Lights
*No Picture or Sound

We offer:
*FREE Diagnostics
*Flat Rate Pricing
*90 Day Warranty
No Repair - No Charge




Cant see what your looking for?

This is only an overview of some of our most popular services. If you are having any problem not listed here or just simply what more information please don't hesitate to give us a call or Contact Us



All repaired consoles carry a 30 day warranty


For peace of mind we provide you with a written guarantee providing a 30 day warranty for parts and labour - Lasers are provided with a 60 day warranty on parts.




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