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Computer Tune up and Maintenance

Is your computer running slow? Do you need to go and get a coffee every time you start up your PC or open your email?  Was your Internet faster on dial-up?!


Creative Computers can get your computer back to running smoothly in no time by cleaning out your junk files, optimising Windows and checking for any programs that don't need to be running or even installed.

You may have unwanted programs installed just by browsing a bad/hacked web page, or they may be secretly installed when bundled with another program, for example a free screensaver. We will check which programs and files are loaded when Windows starts up and remove any that are unneeded or causing slowdowns to improve the time Windows takes to start up.


Many 'brand name' computer manufacturers install excess programs that run in the background every time you use your computer. Most of these are unneeded and take up your valuable resources such as your memory and hard drive space.


Check your memory usage for low memory. An upgrade should speed up   your computer



Creative Computers will also check every single program that is installed on your computer and can remove any malicious or unneeded software/files which not only improves Windows overall speed and its boot time, but can also get rid of errors and problems with Internet Explorer and other legitimate programs.


All running programs can also be checked for their individual resource usage to pin point any applications that are misbehaving. This may then be fixed by updating the software or drivers, or using an alternative product.

There are several antivirus programs that are very well known by techs to slow down Windows after install. Unfortunately if antivirus came pre-installed on your computer you will never notice the difference in speed until the program is removed and your computer comes back to life.



Defragmentation Speeds Up Hard Drives and your PC



Defragmenting your hard disks is important to keep your files stored efficiently which increases file and program read & write speeds to the disk. Files can get scattered or fragmented across your hard drives so that your disk needs to locate each differerent part in many different locations in order to read your data.

Defragmenting reassembles your files back together so your disk can read the whole file in one quick read instead of having to traverse back and forth picking up little bits of data spread around your entire disk.

Creative Computers can also go further and optimise the layout of Windows system and boot files to make sure you are achieving the maximum speed possible.


Cleaning out junk files and temporary windows files that seem more permanent than temporary can also increase the speed of your computer. Keeping at least 10% free disk space is also recommended otherwise you may experience significant slowdowns as Windows tries to find space to write files.





Many computers 2-3 years of age and older that are running slow are just low on memory (RAM) and simply need an upgrade. If you have less than 512MB RAM in your computer, or like to open multiple programs simultaneously, upgrading your computer's memory can be a simple way to bring new life to your system and make your programs and everyday tasks run faster.


Prices start at only $29 for 1GB DDR2 RAM which should suffice for most people's needs, though Windows Vista can easily make use of 2GB to give you a faster and more responsive computer. Older computer may use DDR1 memory which is only a little more expensive than DDR2. You can check the amount and what type of memory your PC uses with a free program such as CPU-Z.


When your computer runs out of memory, it starts to use the hard drive as swap space. You computer stores a file called a page file or swap file on your hard drive and pretends this is memory. Unfortunately the hard drive is hundreds of times slower than memory and may be busy doing other things - the result is lots of hard drive activity and a slow computer called thrashing.


If your computer is low on memory, then installing some extra memory can be a quick and cheap upgrade that can speed your computer up significantly.





Backups are also another essential computer maintenance task that needs to be performed regularly to keep your files and data safe. We can help you set up a backup routine and make sure that you have included all your important files such as email store files, your contacts and Internet Explorer favourites.


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