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Computer Clean Out and Dust Removal





















Keeping your computer & parts clean is very important to prolong the life of your computer & prevent early failure of components. Dust, dirt, and hair build up can cause your processor to overheat or your motherboard to short out and damage them beyond recovery. Computer crashes can also lead to critical data loss & downtime while the computer is repaired.



Creative Computers offers a computer hardware clean out & dust service from just $44 (combined with any other service). For drop-off service the cost is only $66 (for drop-off only!), while onsite clean out serivce is charged at

our normal rate for one hour.


Dust removal and clean out service includes full removal of dust, dirt, hair and other foreign objects to help your computer run efficiently and prevent break down. In most services we also replace the thermal compound/paste between the processor and heat sink.


Photos on this page are from several recent dust and hardware clean out services.





Cleaning your computer will make it run cooler and quieter because dust can clog the air vents and fans which restricts air flow. This reduces the effectiveness of your computer's cooling system. Dust can also cause shorting of computer components because dust can conduct electricity and create an electrical path between circuits which causes power overload.



On your first Drop in service we will clean up the inside of your computer FREE of charge with the repairs we do so why not Contact Us Now!


Computer cleanout service costs just $44 combined with any other full paying service otherwise full service charge of $99 on-site.






Your computer lasts longer when regularly cleaned


If you have pets - especially cats and dogs, are a smoker, or live in a dusty environment then your computer should be cleaned out once a year to prevent damage. It is better to be proactive and get this dust cleaned out before you need the computer to be serviced due to overheating. Dust can also create health problems and carry germs.



If the computer is kept in a very clean environment, then cleaning out the computer every two years should suffice. You can open the side of the computer case and have a quick look to see if there is any dust build up. Putting the computer on top of a desk, away from carpet, and breezy windows which blow in dust can reduce this spread of dust, but all computers are affected over time.



You should avoid using Vacuum cleaners to clean out a computer due to

the large amount of static energy they create. Never ever open a

power supply unit or computer monitor as capacitors inside these can

hold an electrical charge for several days after being unplugged.



Creative Computers see's a high demand to fix "crashing computers" when temperatures start to soar outside when summer hits. The room (ambient) temperature also affects the cooling of your computer, as each increase of a degree outside the case leads to at least one degree increase inside too.


Every day computers fail due to excess temperatures, fan failure, and component shorts. Processors usually have a thermal cut-off point which should shut down the computer when it reaches an unsafe temperature.





Unfortunately not all CPUs have this feature, or sometimes this feature fails to cut the power before damage occurs. This CPU burn out also destroyed the computer's motherboard, which is the most expensive and hardest part to replace in a computer system - we ended up upgrading the customer to a new Core 2 quad computer instead.





We're still not sure what that object is on the left! Obvoius choices aside, the location was checked to not be under any vents or holes, and we swear this Thing looked like it was alive!




The pic on the right proves that it is important to have proper ventilation design in a computer. Fans sucking air into the computer in front of the hard drives are a great idea to keep your drives cool, but a fan filter should be used especially for large fans and more importantly there should also be a good balance of fans renewing the air inside the computer case, as well as fans exhausting the dust and hot air.


[Pic of airflow?]


Ideally there should be negative pressure inside in the computer case, i.e. slightly more fan pressure for the fans exhausting air out. This helps keep some of the dust out of the case, delaying build up of dangerous dust such as this. The power supply usually counts as one rear exhaust, but we recommend to add at least on additional rear exhaust fan before adding any more fans for sucking air in (which are usually placed at the front or side).



Your computer's fans play an integral role to keep your computer running cool. Your computer cooling system works similarly to the radiator in your car, where air is passed through a large block of metal. In a computer this metal block is called a heatsink. Most computers do not use water for coolant but this method is popular with enthusiasts....


Now thats a cleaner Heat Sink. As you can See More air flow can reach the CPU and give it a much better preformance!!..




What a Dirty PC!! Creative Computers can preform a Cleaning Service for your Computer [Contact Us]





How Can the Air travel threw thoughs fins to provide Sufficient cooling to your CPU




Call Creative Computers today on (03) 9546 0199 or Contact Us to book a computer clean out and dust removal service to ensure your computer's cooling stays effective and prevent component failure due to overheating or electrical shorts.








Onsite dust out service requires a well ventilated outside area with strong lighting so a daytime service is usually needed. Pick-up and delivery is also available.





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