How do I backup data on my laptop?

Backing up your data is extremely important. Laptop hard drives are known to fail with out notice.

There are a few methods we recommend:


  • Buy an external hard drive from as little as $100, this plugs in via USB and copy across your important files. Things such as photos, emails, documents - thing that are impossible to replace.
  • Another way is to purchase a USB Flash Drive and as you save your photos or do a document - save it both on your laptop and on your Flash Drive.
  • You can also burn your data onto DVD.


  • There are also data storage places that will safely store your data for you, by googling data storage or online back ups you can identify costs and companies that offer this service.


We suggest that storing important data in a couple of places is the best way, so that if one thing fails you know that you can get you important data back, quickly and easily.


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